About the Why Moms

A group of moms committed to finding meaning in the mundane. By being purposeful in our parenting we maximize our moments and increase our joy.

Whether you are a mom, hope to be a mom, going to be a mom or ever had a mom. (Which should cover all of us).  We have to wonder WHY moms do what they do?  And HOW they do it for that matter!

So here’s to FINDING THE WHY behind the mystical creatures we call MOM. There’s all kinds of stuff out there about moms improving home life….from fabulous foods to brilliant birthday parties, from managing schedules to maintaining sanity.

BUT WHY?  What makes moms tick? What makes them create, teach, serve, learn and go, go, go….   If you want to know more about finding the Why in Mommy, then you’ve come to the right place.   We do too!  This is our journey as much as yours. We too are seeking a more meaningful and mindful motherhood.  Mothering, where we make the choice to be better. Let the WHY help you answer the how, what, when and where.  Join us at Why Moms to find out our why and hopefully yours too.


I married my college sweetheart and then I taught elementary school before becoming a full time mama. Now I have a house full of four little students. I’m trying to keep it real and down to earth, while setting my sights on heaven.

I discover my joy in the outdoors, if I can get to them. In the meantime, I hit the jungle gym. I love finding peace in planning, organizing and 8:00 bedtime. If only these kids would stick to the plan. I connect to my soul through reading, writing and music. I always dream of a more simple life…. a country girl heart, living at city girl pace. I’m passionate about learning and enjoy teaching my children and myself new skills. I like sharing wisdom with others. Come with me on this mothering adventure and let us learn together…


I’m a Mama of 3 little ones just living the city life with my cute husband. I started my journey as a Special education teacher prior to becoming a mom. I continue to tutor students from my home and LOVE seeing the “light bulb” moment on my students faces.

I’m a recovering diet coke addict, a licensed house plant killer, and a LOVER of all things food. I’m on a MAD mission to fill our home with joy and our hearts with service. Can’t wait to share a space with you! XOXOXO!!


After practicing for 11 years as a Registered Nurse with patients, I now focus on practicing my patience with my 3 little kiddos… (and the hubby of course)! This is where I receive my greatest joy and sense of fulfillment.

I’ve discovered my ability to make any occasion a masterpiece; turn a moment into a memory; chores into bonding; or tragedies into spiritual life lessons. I hope to inspire you to do the same! Its easier than you may think to switch a dreaded day home with the kids into a fulfilling experience for both them and YOU!
There is a reason WHY I choose to do what I do… And after years of being inquired of how and why I do all I do, it is here I reveal my secrets! May I inspire your day with what I have to share!

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Who Are We?

We are friends brought together by motherhood. We’ve stayed together by laughing and rejuvenating at project nights. We hope to share why moms create, teach, play everyday. Join the movement and be inspired...

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