Are you ready to share your why, mom?

If you have a message you would like to write to your fellow moms then this is your big chance!

We want to know more about Why Moms do what they do. We believe it is important for moms to share their stories. Your story is unique to you and we want to share it!

We are currently accepting posts for the month –

Our Why Moms Share is meant to inspire. Here is what we are looking for in an article for our blog.

Your unique viewpoint or experience on an aspect of motherhood or mothering – some feelings, ideas or event that others likely experienced, or are experiencing too. Most notably tell us WHY this affects you as a mother. Why do you feel the way you do?

Suggested Ideas:

  • Humorous event that helped you learn or laugh!
  • Inspiring story/event that affected the way you mother.
  • Difficult situation that changed the way you view motherhood.
  • Something unique you do to teach your children. Why it’s helped your parenting.
  • Thoughts on why you wanted to be a mom and how you feel about it now.
  • Something that you have struggled with as a mom and overcame or hope to soon.
  • A situation as a mother that has helped you understand your purpose.
  • Parenting style you use and found effective or not.
  • How you have found meaning in the mundane tasks of motherhood.

We are open to your ideas and suggestions!

Please keep in mind that the goal of the Why Moms is to share our personal stories so that we can create connection and encourage fellow moms. We want to offer stories of hope, love, sisterhood and possibility.

Basic guidelines for story/post submissions:

  • approximately 300-700 words
  • previously published elsewhere is ok (we will be able to link it back to your original post).
  • must be encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, funny or touching. Although valid on other forums, we are not interested in offering advice or political commentary. We want to hear your personal experiences and do not want you to feel judged or excluded.
  • preference will be given to personal stories or anecdotes about your experience as a mother, or with a mother, especially stories with a unique viewpoint that may help fellow mothers feel less alone or isolated.
  • post and pictures must not include in swearing or vulgar language/content.
  • posts can not be self-promotional in nature. You can include your business name and links in your bio if you like, but the focus of the submission should be on your personal experience as or with a mother.

The Fine Print:

  • All submissions will be read and considered, we cannot publish everything. We will let you know if your post has been accepted.
  • All submissions will be subject to proofreading and editing, but in most cases, we will try to keep posts as true to the original as possible.
  • Please be prepared to include a short bio of the author (approx 40-70 words) and a photo of the author.
  • Please also include a photo/image or two to go along with the submission to be used in the body of the blog post
  • All writers will be expected to help promote your post through your own social media channels.
  • The Why Moms will promote all posts via our social media channels.

Sound good? The next step is….

Submit Your Story –

  • Submit your story by email at
  • Include your bio, article and pictures in the email. We will let you know if your article has been accepted for Why Moms Share.

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