WHO AM I? This question has become very important to me. Especially as I seem to be drowning in the needs of everyone else. Sometimes I feel like I AM so involved in helping everyone else discover themselves that I’ve lost ME somewhere. I’ve decided to take time to find out who I truly am (even if it’s while stirring a dinner pot or driving to pick-up carpool). I’ve come to learn that how I answer this question can truly shape WHO I AM BECOMING….

We are what we believe we are CS Lewis. whymoms.com

For years I’ve struggled with thoughts like I AM too tired, I AM overwhelmed or I AM unhappy. It’s these kind of thoughts that have contributed to my struggles. I’ve learned that “I AM” are two very powerful words. This has helped me stop to think about how I talk about myself. Now I AM trying to empower my life with the thoughts of WHO I REALLY AM…

I AM Two of the Most Powerful Words. www.whymoms.com

I AM a ravenous reader and found these quotes to support what I AM trying to say,

“Develop the habit of listening to what you say. And whenever you feel to say, “I am ___________,” be prudent aware and mindful, because “I am” is extremely powerful. Be certain that that which you choose to manifest or come into your life, BE exactly what you desire when you say, “I am___________,” -Karol K. Truman

So instead of thinking or saying, “I am so stupid”. I AM trying to rephrase and say, “I AM usually smarter than that”.  What we think and say about ourselves we begin to believe.

“We are the stage managers; we are the ones who decide which thought will occupy the stage… We are the ones who must decide whose thought will prevail… We will be what we think about—what we consistently allow to occupy the stage of our minds” – Ezra T. Benson

For as a man thinketh in his Heart so is he. Proverbs 23_7 whymoms.com

I AM an observer and thinker. I was watching my little girl looking at herself in the mirror. I couldn’t help but notice how much fun she was having looking at her reflection. She smiled, made faces and kissed herself. I AM sure that her self-talk must be very happy. I was overwhelmed with love, as I thought about this sweet girl. In my mind I had a thought, “This is how I feel about you.” It surprised me because it was a kind thought that was spoken TO ME. I knew at that moment that it was a reminder that I AM loved by my God. He was speaking to my mind and in my heart I felt His love. I know that my God is the great I AM. He will help me as I continue to find out WHO I AM and love me through the good and not so good moments. I hope to see that I AM His and can become more like Him daily.

Now ask yourself this, “WHO AM I?”

I AM a reader of scripture and found this great image to use for I AM statements

Now I AM asking you….How do you talk about yourself? You will be surprised how often you use I AM statements. These powerful statements can be used for your good. I challenge you to listen to what you’re saying about yourself. Then, consciously turn those thoughts around if necessary. I AM confident you can do it!

I AM full of ideas to share here’s how you could us “I AM” for your benefit-

  • Write a list of positive I AM statements to review in your journal.
  • Post I AM statements in places you will see often with sticky notes (mirror, fridge, car)
  • Record I AM statements on phone/device and listen to it as you get ready

I AM so HAPPY to share with you today =),



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