Last year my Son had a birthday and he really wanted a shark cake. I saw a few on Pinterest  that looked easy enough. How hard can it be really? So- i drew it out and headed to the store. Turns out cake making is a BIG thing. There was an entire aisle FULL of cake making supplies. There were 50 million tools, different shaped tops, and forty seven different flavored fondants. I was so confused. I ended up buying half of the store just to make sure my little cake wouldn’t flop.

I cooked the heck out of my shark cake-using exact precision and science to make it just perfect for my little guy. I sent a picture of the cake to my sister who replied back-

“It’s cute. What is it?”

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Social media makes it appear that everyone can do everything-especially us MOMS. We are in a constant rat race to hide our elf in a more creative place, throw a Pinterest worthy party, or come up with a recipe that will make our family swoon.

This can have devastating consequences to our MOM game. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and a lot of money had i just admitted that i simply CAN’T bake a shark cake. I can’t. I can HOWEVER do a lot of other things- like purchasing the COOLEST Shark cake ever from SAMS Club.

We have to ask ourselves one question as Moms?

What do we want our kids to remember about us?

This question can help guide our parenting decisions and help us better define the MOM that we want to be. My own little ones will NEVER talk about the great cakes that i made but that’s okay because that’s not me as a MOM. Instead they might remember that:

  1. We found magic in the everyday moments.

We made fairy houses, threw GIANT parties, did endless art projects, and had an insane amount of dance parties. We laughed together and played together. We went camping, swimming, and exploring. There were very few parts of our surroundings that we didn’t make an adventure out of. We celebrated moments and milestones and we did it all together.

    2. We served those around us.

We helped with yard work, we wrote cards, we showed up as much as we could. We prayed for others and gave freely of the things and talents that we had. We did our best to learn the stories of Jesus and follow his teachings.

  1. We took care of one another.

If you ask my little ones why they are here in this family they will say “to take care each other.” We are constantly drilling into their heads that they need to take care of each other because that is their divine mission. We don’t tolerate them being mean to one another (although it happens often). At least once a day you can find our little ones sitting on the stair holding hands being reminded of their purpose in our family.

Those are a few of the things that define me as a MOM.

Maybe your kids will remember your fancy cakes as part of your mothering. Maybe they will remember something entirely different. The best part is that we can decide what is important to us as MOMS and we can help them create memories that fit in those categories.

Make a list of what matters to you and forget the rest. Don’t be swayed into being the mom that your good friend is. Instead, be the very best mom that YOU alone can be.  

SO- what is important to you? What do you want your little ones to remember?

And remember this- You are only one

person. You cannot do everything- but chances are there is SOMETHING that is uniquely yours. Something that you excel at- find that thing and use it to become the very best mom you can be.


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