That’s right… today I am here to talk a little about WHY we moms go in-ACTIVE!? I know, it may be a little uncomfortable to talk about our feelings, but sometimes we just need to get it out there + figure out WHY this is happening… so if we WANT to change it, we know HOW to take that step!

While it may appear as though I am talking about going in-active in my membership in a church… I am actually talking about my current problem of the in-activity of my GYM membership! … HOWEVER, I have come to the realization that these two may have some abstruse parallels….

We all know that ‘one time’… back in the day… when you were a regular attendee. You felt good, you were making progress, feeling confident with yourself + your personal “activity” level. Then, you innocently skip a time, or two, for whatever reason. It was kinda nice sleeping in, or filling that time with ‘other’ things. You get busy, + the more you miss, the easier it is to skip again. Those ‘other’ things begin to seem much more important. Then… that’s when the downward spiral of your “inactivity”, you could say, begins. Oh, sister, I have BEEN there. You get real comfortable in this state of inactivity. I say ‘Comfortable’ here… not to be confused with ‘HAPPY’.

Yes, March has come, New Years’ resolutions have faded, my enthusiasm and motivation have worn right off + I am officially “in-active”. I haven’t been to the gym in MONTHS.

And here’s the problem- I know EXACTLY what it’s like when I DO decide to start going back after a long dry spell. You walk in and feel a little out of place. I know, sad, but true. The place where you used to feel at home, now seems to feel a little foreign. Maybe the ‘schedule’ has been switched up some since you last came. There are a few new ‘systems’ in place. Looks like a few new, popular, “regulars” there that you don’t recognize. Yeah, you may not even feel like it’s been THAT long- until that super fit mom comes up to you –with the very best of intentions and says: “OH my heck, I haven’t seen you in FOREVER!” or “long time no see!” or “Hey, how’ve you BEEN?”

Nothing like making you feel like you haven’t been in YEARS. Oh dear.

While even though that super motivated, regular-attendee, is most likely being genuine in their excitement to see you there… you are currently feeling a tad insecure, AWARE that you’re a bit of a slacker. SO, you falsely accuse her of ‘JUDGING’ you. You are sure she saw your muffin top and is thinking “well, that’s what happens…”.

You wander the isles a little, uncertain where to go, positive you’re going to take someone’s spot, or use the machine wrong. Sure that everyone is starring and judging your recent lack of attendance. That’s when the whirlwind of thoughts spin through my head- “am I doing this right? Is this a new track? …Is she looking at ME?”.  When in all reality, everyone is just pushing through their OWN challenges and insecurities. They have their own thoughts and worries. They don’t really CARE that I’m a total slacker.

Truth is, I don’t like the fact that I’ve been “in-active” so long EITHER! I know I’m a better ME when I’m a “regular”. When SHOWING UP is just part of my routine. When my KIDS don’t know any different and going is just what mom DOES!

Well, as much as I like when that’s me… it ISN’T always me. But I’ve realized – IT’S OK! We can’t ALL be perfect at everything😉

I have come to realize that the KEY here is – RECOGNIZING it. And if there is something I want to change- then DO something ABOUT it!

If I LIKE the way I feel, both inside + out, when showing up is part of my weekly routine, and I WANT to be ACTIVE again… Well, then it’s up to me to change that! I need to let go of my insecurities. Stop fooling myself into thinking, “I don’t belong here”.  Just because I’m not perfect; stop being the ‘victim’ and realize that I am in charge of my healthy lifestyle, my OWN HAPPINESS! It doesn’t matter how SUPER fit that mom of 6 on the machine next to me looks, what kind of pre-workout shake she drinks, how committed and motivated SHE is, or HOW much I think she may be judging my old school spandex! I need to LET IT GO! THAT shouldn’t stop me from coming back and striving to become the very best ME that I can be! For myself, for my family and for those around me!

Then, one day… when I am a regular attendee, ACTIVE as EVER… I may see that sweet young mom walk into the gym with her baggy t-shirt and tennis shoes, overwhelmed + bright eyed. I’m gonna send her all my love + think, “good for you, sister, keep it up! You’re not alone, I’ve BEEN there!”

May you find what motivates you; find what makes you most happy; + GET RE-ACTIVE!!!

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