Are You Ready For YOUR Teacher Conference, PARENTS?

Yeah, it’s all fun and games until Parent Teacher Conference comes around. Who are these REALLY for anyway? There is not even mention of the student in the title. Parent Teacher Conference. So are they giving me a grade too? Sometimes I feel that way… I’ve even heard of a teacher saying, “The student is a reflection of parenting.” Do you agree or disagree?

When I get ready for conferences, I’m studying questions in my mind….

  • Did we get everything turned in?
  • Did I feed them sufficiently so they could concentrate?
  • Did they get enough sleep so they behaved well?
  • Why didn’t I homeschool, anyway?
  • What are they going to say about my dear child?
  • How does this reflect my parenting?
  • Will it be an F or D or 1,2,3 whatever is used now-a-days?

I don’t need any reminders that my parenting might be failing. Fortunately, most of the time the grade seems to be positive. Your kids are helpful, smart and kind…whew, A+ this time! Although, the more kids I get in school, the harder it becomes to manage all the expectations placed on parents, I mean students or both actually.

Hypothetically, say I have 3 kids in school (Ok let’s be real here, this is actually my life ;). I do have 3 school kids and each child has a unique situation to deal with. These might sound familiar to you, unless you’re a consistent GRADE ‘A’ PARENT.


Ok, your child has had troubles getting along with other children in class. PARENT FAIL! How do I get my kid to be nice? Well, I’m still working on that at home and praying that these little tantrums stop before adulthood. We’re working on some behavior strategies such as: walk away, tell an adult or tell them to stop. Sadly enough, these are the same 3 strategies that I have to work on in my mothering.


Surprise, you have a child not turning in homework. Really, a normally responsible student suddenly has a month of homework stuck in a folder. How did this happen? PARENT FAIL! Yes, I should be checking and reminding. Somehow in the midst of a family epidemic of flu, our clean laundry and eating took priority. Fortunately, we’re now on our way to health and homework turn-in recovery. Now we have consistent reminders, backpack checks and consequences for the un-turned in work.


Your child is struggling in a certain subject. Really and reading of all things….What? How did this happen? We’ve been reading since the first week of life. We’ve practiced all ABC’s at home and in preschool. We’ve been on many library visits and have shelves stacked with books. I’m a former teacher for goodness sakes! Yet another PARENT FAIL! But, now we are working on reading daily and finding books that interest this child.

So in the end the PARENT FAILS were good to recognize and be accountable for. They set us on the right track to PARENT – STUDENT SUCCESS!

I’ve been on both sides of the desk as THE TEACHER and THE PARENT. The teacher and parents are only seeing half the story and coming together to figure out how to best help the child. I hope you go there understanding that your PARENTING FAILS are something that can be improved on. Hey even me, a trained teacher, can learn from parent-teacher conference from the other side of the desk. SO good luck dear PARENTS at YOUR CONFERENCE! If it helps, I give you an A+ for EFFORT 😉


Parent Fail. Making the Parenting Grade.


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