It’s MARCH again and that means St. Patrick’s day is coming up quick. If you’ve followed WHYMOMS for any amount of time you probably already know that i’m a big sap for holidays. I love them for the CELEBRATION aspect but i also love them for the little teaching moments that they provide.

St. Patrick’s day is a favorite of ours because chasing that little leprechaun is just so magical. This year however, as much as i love sitting with my little ones and planning out the ULTIMATE trap to catch that little guy- this year i wanted just a little more. I wanted them to recognize the LUCKY little lives that they really do have. I wanted them to feel gratitude.

We sat down and talked about kids all over the world. I told them about situations that they themselves have never experienced- hunger, sickness, poverty, lack of education. Their little eyes got bigger and bigger. Then the questions started to come-

“but Mom, if they are hungry why don’t they just eat?”

“What do you mean they can’t afford it?”

“Why don’t they have enough money?”

“Why are they sick?”

“How did they get sick?”

“Why don’t they have a home or toys to play with?”

The questions had an innocence but also a genuine concern. I did my best to answer and then i turned the conversation to their own lives. “Do you understand how lucky you are? They nodded their little heads and got quiet. That’s usually how i know that the lesson has sunk in. I let them feel the quiet for a minute and then together we cut a 4 leaf clover out of some wrapping paper we had laying around.. They made a big list of things they feel LUCKY to have: Friends, games, toys, beds, church, clothes. The list went on and on and it was so fun to listen to the things they came up with.


As they finished up and went outside to jump- I could feel my own lesson beginning to happen. I watched them laughing and playing and i couldn’t help but reflect on my own LUCKY list. I am LUCKY to be a mom and despite the sometimes difficult days- there is nowhere else i’d rather be. I hung that little 4 leaf clover right on our door and every time i look at it I’m reminded of those same feelings of deep and sincere gratitude.

st patricks day clover 2
I hope you all find something that you feel LUCKY to have-and when you do find it- spend just a few minutes cherishing it a little longer than normal.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

kids st patricks day 2016



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