Are you a victim ladies? I know I’ve fallen into this trap sometimes. I’ve been attacked by my minds negativity more than I’d like to admit. I’ve struggled with days of not wanting to face the kids, chores and list of to-dos all over again…a victim of seeing my failures as mountains and my successes as molehills…a victim of revisiting insecurities and pains. I’ve had my heart wounded by guilt and worry of messing up my young family. It has been brought to my awareness that there may actually be someone else who rejoices in these dark moments. The adversary himself, the father of lies, wants me to believe I am hopeless and incapable. Really, it’s up to me to decide to accept the role of victim or NOT….

I’ve found that other women face similar feelings. The article, “When Satan Steals Your Motherhood”, has been circulating in my social media channels. She shares some of those lies that injure us. Although my favorite part of the article is the invitation to “take back your motherhood.” This got me thinking, how exactly do we do that?

I recently read an article with a call to stop being the victim of Satan by fighting back! It said,

“Don’t let him tell you that it’s okay to give up. Don’t be his pawn. Don’t be his victim…don’t let it be a tool that is used against you. Fight.” – Adena and Amy

I agree, it’s time to stop playing victim and fight back. Today, I witnessed my 2 year-old daughter demonstrating my point precisely. She picked up her sword and then told me, “I fighting a dragon.” Yes, she’s a powerful girl like that and so am I! I can fight my own dragons. I’ve decided that although Satan might have wounded my soul, it’s not his to have anymore. Choose your defense moms. As for me, I’ve started by healing. I’m focusing on the parts of me that have been wounded by life’s battles. There is one I know that can help me bind up the wounds and heal my broken heart….

Psalm 147:3 He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

Consequently, I’ve become the heroine in my own story and I feel empowered! I’m learning to set my soul free and not be the victim anymore. Sometimes I still get ensnared, but must find the strength to fight my “dragons”. Now, I’m learning how to protect and heal my heart. Thus, taking back my motherhood. For me I’ve turned to the greatest healer I know, my God, and He’s the great hero in my story. Yet, He is sometimes the one quietly forgotten. Stop giving so much credit to the adversary by falling into the victim trap. Start fighting back for your heart with the purest love …

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HEALING Means That The Damage No Longer Controls Our Lives.

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