This is how I’ve stopped being the victim and started taking control of my heart by healing its wounds.

THE KEY IS – The more my heart is filled with love and light the more I can give back. My methods may sound simple, but simplicity can bring about greatness…LISTEN, LET GO, fill with LIGHT, and LOVE.


You Will Never Escape Your Heart. Better Start To Listen.

Acknowledging the hurt, not hiding from it helps the process to wholeness begin. I’ve been in moments of madness, when I know that there is more than the spilt box of cereal or another sibling argument that is getting to me. There are broken pieces inside me that need attention or the hurt will continue to spread hurt. The cycle of heartache will just continue. I’ve decided to take TIME TO reflect and LISTEN to ME. For me this is taking time at night to listen to my feelings. This allows them to be validated and set free. Which leads us to the next step…


Forgive, Heal, Grow.

After acknowledging the hurt, I’ve learned I have to let it go. Yes, it will mean taking time for you. Take that moment…write it down, visualize it or feel it. You could do this through meditation, writing, prayer…whatever your souls expression is….then let it go (a.k.a. forgiveness). Having someone to help is beneficial too. For me I’ve given it the greatest healer I know, my God. I let Him receive the heartache and make me whole. You may find success by finding a trusted friend, family member, therapist or church leader to talk to. Being heard is validating and healing. Set that feeling free and be ready to receive the light…

3- Fill with LIGHT

Healing Choose Brighter Light. Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

Once you’ve let it go. There’s a space to be filled. Well, let the space be filled with things of goodness and light. Chase darkness away with light is what I like to visualize. Then continue to do the things that fill the soul. For me this is wholesome music, reading, prayer or going outside. (Note: These can be done with children or on your own). What is it for you?  Now you are ready to love again…


Mother's Heart that is whole can Give Love Freely.

I’ve decide I’m the one who must find the time to heal my heart. Along the way I’ve learned a lesson I must share: a MOTHER’S HEART that is WHOLE can give more freely the LOVE she was created to GIVE. Take the time to listen, feel your heart and fill it again with the light of love. I remind myself of this each morning as I rise to house full of needs….Then in my heart I pray…Bless me this day and FILL my SOUL with LIGHT and LOVE. May it be there for all of you too!

Psalms 51:10 – Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

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