I’m the worst at resolutions! The VERY worst! I write them down and plaster them all over the place, but for some reason i STILL CAN’T REMEMBER what I’ve resolved to be better at.

A few years ago i started to do the word of the year. Basically you choose a word that represents a resolution or goal of yours for the new year.


I like that idea because having to remember just one word seems a little more manageable.

This year however as i sat with my little ones on NEW YEARS EVE I wanted to make a word for all of us- a family word. A word that could represent the way we would live our next year together.

I brainstormed and wrote word after word. What message did i want to instill into their little minds? What was important for them to know as they faced the challenges of life?

I wanted them to know that they could accomplish anything- no matter how difficult it might seem. I wanted them to know that no dream is too big of a dream. I wanted them to know that if their hearts are good and their hands are helping- the sky was the limit. I wanted them to know that there was nothing that could hold them back.

I wanted them to know of the LOVE that their SAVIOR and their FAMILY has for them. I wanted them to know that with that LOVE there are no LIMITS.

I wanted them to know that they are LIMITLESS.

…and so our family word was chosen.


And the bonus (which I totally LUCKED out while browsing YOUTUBE one day) is that there is the most beautiful song that goes along with that word.

It’s called LIMITLESS by Colton DIxon.

colton dixon- limitless lyrics

CLICK ON THE LINK below to check out the video i showed my little ones to introduce our family word.


I’m excited this year to see how this word influences our family. WIll it motivate us? Bring us together? Provide strength in times of need?

What do you think? Do you have a word of the year? Do you have a family word?  We’d love to hear it!




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