This is new to me… but I’m certain I’m not alone in this. So tell me… Is it possible to be experiencing Valentine’s PTSD??? After what happened last year, I think I just might be. And I’m gonna need your help on this one…


A little backstory… So, there I was. A mom of 2 darling, confident, outgoing little girls. It was Valentine’s Day at the school. Fun, right? We had worked hard on all our Valentines for the class & teachers, made cute little boxes, sent a few candy grams to some friends, even did our hair all pretty and ‘Valentine-y’… A GOOD DAY, right? I had done my part, right?

Ha- not so fast. I pulled in to pick up my 2 sweethearts. There was my Milly (7) who looked like she was on the very verge of tears! My heart sunk. Of course the Mama bear kicks right in and I think: “oh no, WHO did it???” You could see it in her eyes, her face. This wasn’t my happy, bright eyed baby girl skipping to the car. This was a broken hearted little girl. Something had gone wrong.

The moment she got into the car, she BURST into tears! It was as if her whole world had been shattered. She couldn’t even get the words out. Her sweet sister, trying to console her, told me what had happened… to BOTH of them!!!!

Sitting in class as the candy grams are getting passed out- excited + anxious as each name is getting called out- some over + over again. Surely there had to be at least ONE with their name on it… I mean, Julie Marie had like 17! …waiting, waiting, it was down to the last few + EVERY person in the class had at LEAST one candy gram, teachers included. But no. Not a single candy gram for her. Not one. Why did some kids get so many? Well, of course their MOTHERS thought to send them a few…. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

My mama heart sunk lower than ever before. BOTH my girls, in each of their classes, were the ONLY one in the entire class to not get a candy gram that day. GAH! Of course we purchased a few of those dinky fifty cent candy grams for a friends… but WHY didn’t I think to buy one for MY OWN KIDS??? OH heaven help me.


I know she is only 7, I know she isn’t normally one to have these struggles, + this is only elementary we are talking about… but that’s just it! I know there is so MUCH worse that goes on, so much more heartache ahead of these kids… + not only on Valentines’ Day! I honestly + truly can’t imagine what those mothers who’s children go through this must suffer.

To some, this may seem like a small, petty problem. But to my 7 year old, on that Valentines’ Day… it was everything. So, for that day, this meant everything to me. I was ready to do ANYTHING to help make it right. To not only console her + heal her heart on that particular day, but DO something about it for the next time. And the NEXT time. And the NEXT stupid Valentine’s candy gram fundraiser that takes place at school again.


Well, it’s officially February again, Candy Gram posters are going up + I am still brought to tears just thinking about it. SO? What NOW? There are lessons that can be learned here + things that can be done. I just don’t know WHAT. I need something that can heal their hearts, yet prepare them to be strong for the heartache that may fall upon them in the future! Here are a few of my ideas for now, but I have a feeling I’m gonna need something better…

  • Simply just buy a candy gram for both of my girls this year. Buck up + move on.
  • Tell the PTA to ELIMINATE the stupid candy gram fundraiser all together!
  • Help my girls learn from last years’ lesson + let them pick a few kids who may not get a candy gram to buy some for this year! …then buy one for my girls.
  • Buy a bunch of extra “secret admire” candy grams + have the teacher give them out ‘as needed’! … then buy one for my girls.
  • Fork out the $50 and buy a friggin’ candy gram for every single kid in their CLASS!!! …then buy one for my girls;)

I know there are many of you proactive, strong, thoughtful or experienced mothers out there + I need you’re suggestions/advice on this one! WHAT should I do? What would YOU do? What HAVE you done in the past? …Do you have a similar story of your own? Tell me I’m not ALONE!!!

Me & My Sweethearts

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