You're A Good Mom. By Autumn Marshall

By: Autumn Marshall

“You’re a good mom,”

…are words that any mom longs to hear. This mom gig is hard sometimes. From all of the articles on child rearing to the perfect mom at the playground, we are sure that we are screwing our kids up. It always seems like there is somebody out there doing it way better and they make it look so easy. While I am over here with burnt cookies and dirty floors.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best. We need to be the best housekeeper, the best mom while balancing work and home life effortlessly. Then we get stressed out when it falls apart. The thing is we can’t possibly be the best at everything. In that equation something is going to get subtracted. And you know what? It’s okay to subtract and add again later.

Then there are those times where you feel you can’t catch your breath. Maybe the kids have been fighting constantly or laundry is to the point where it has to be done or you will start a wear your underwear only trend. Maybe you picked up a parenting magazine and it gave you a small panic attack after reading a few articles. Maybe someone said something hurtful. Whatever it is we all have those days that sometimes can stretch into weeks. Those are the times we need to hear it the most….You’re a good mom. We would love for someone to tell us that we are doing it right and our kids are going to grow into well-adjusted adults. We want to know that there are other moms with toys all over the floor, sitting back enjoying a glass of wine because they cannot pick up one more toy today. Trust me when I say there are. Even the perfect mom at the playground has a messy house and scolds her children.

When you look at your kids all snuggled in bed at night (whether it be your bed or their own) know you’re a good mom. After a great evening of laughs and fun with your family, know you’re a good mom. Even after a bad day still know you’re a good mom. We all have our moments and there is no handbook when it comes to children. We just do our best and move on to the next situation that arises.

This post is for all of the mom’s out there…YOU’RE A GOOD MOM.


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