Hi friends!! It’s another week of MOMS ON TOPIC and we’re excited to chat with you!! Yet another story popped up in the news yesterday about a young girl that accidentally shot her sister. We are so thankful that this story had a good outcome and those sweet girls are safe. We are also thankful that their story can serve as a catalyst for a very important conversation. 

moms on topic- gun safety for kids

VIA: http://bit.ly/1KvEbMq

Today’s topic is GUN SAFETY for CHILDREN

1. Should guns be kept in the house? 

2.  If so, What is the best way to keep guns secure? 

3.  How do we teach our little ones what to do if they see a gun laying around?


Time to sound off in the comments friends! What do you think? How would you answer those questions! 

Thanks for joining us today! We hope you all have a fantastic day!



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