Hey friends! Welcome to MOMS ON TOPIC week 2! We are excited you are here with us! Our hope is that you will join the dialogue and that this can be a place to share ideas/opinions. Don’t be afraid to hit the comment button below and share your thoughts with us.

With the holidays soon approaching we are getting geared up for all the fun family traditions. A few months back in our POWER OF MOMS group we discussed the importance of these family traditions and how they can create a basis for a family. 

In an article written by Saren Eyre Loosli, She says, “Traditions are the glue that holds families together. Children typically love and cling to family traditions because they are predictable and stable in an unpredictable world. Plus traditions offer individuals an identity larger than themselves. It is kids who do not get this identity from their families who are drawn to the rituals and traditions of gangs or other identity substitutes for families.”

That last sentence really stood out to us. Could family traditions really mean that much? What do you guys think? Share with us your favorite family traditions in the comments below..and stick around to see what other moms around the world are doing as far as traditions in their homes. Today just might be the day you find your very favorite new family tradition.

Thanks for joining us! 


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