Very rarely does my daughter leave the house without her hair done. In fact, i can probably count on my hand the number of times that she has. The reason has nothing to do with hair and everything to do with her heart.

Our very favorite time together happens to be hair time. It’s a little sliver of the day where its just her and I and everything else halfway fades away. We have all sorts of silly games that we play (her current favorite is a guess the princess game). She describes a princess and I have to guess which one it is. You would think that would be simple but she has come up with some fairly sly descriptions. 

We also love a game I have dubbed as “who’s the genius now?” Its a game where I try to trump her with math/spelling words as I’m doing her hair. If she beats me by getting ten points she gets to say, “who’s the genius now?” She thinks that’s funny. I always laugh to myself at this point.. her hair is done plus her spelling words are practiced..who is the genius anyways?  😉 

Sometimes we don’t play anything and instead we just chat. Sometimes the conversations are light and sometimes her heart explodes. Sometimes we just sit quietly as I brush her long hair. We both just listen to life happening around us. These are the moments when I can’t help by cry a little because I know that hair time is limited. Pretty soon she will be in the scary independent pony tail phase and my time will be lost forever.


Here’s the bottom line if you still aren’t feeling what I’m saying- let’s say you were to spend ten minutes a day doing hair- and lets say you did hair everyday (because maybe you have hair OCD like myself)..

365 days X 10 minutes per day= 3,650 minutes

Which is a little over 60 hours in one year! That’s 60 hours of good quality time spent with your daughter!…and if your daughter is almost seven like mine is- well, that’s nearly 420 hours of mom/daughter time over the course of her little life. It’s possible the math is a little skewed but regardless of’s a strong argument right? 


..and it’s just one more way to check on her little heart. Hair time=heart time. So, pull out that brush and give it one more try. Stop worrying if the hairstyles look Pinterest worthy. It’s less about the hair and more about the TIME. Go get ’em mamas! 

…and in case you’re wondering my favorite hair resource- nothing beats CUTE GIRL HAIRSTYLES check them out for sure! 




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