You know those people of the world that just seem HAPPY? They can have everything going against them and yet they still find a reason to smile. They go about quietly spreading goodness and happiness to those around them. The world needs more of those kind of people.

Well..guess what friends..that’s good news! Us Mamas just so happen to be in the business of raising PEOPLE! Wahoo! Now’s our chance to fill our world with HAPPY little souls. Join me and my family as we go on a journey of filling our home and our lives with HAPPINESS. Here’s our plan-

It’s been said that to develop a new habit you only need 21 days. That seems do-able. Let’s start today and end the end of the month. 21-ish days yes? Done!

Here are the rules that our little family has decided on.


We filled this little jar here with acts of service; wash the windows, vaccuum, make your sibling’s bed, etc. You can download our list HERE. When somebody gets caught complaining they get to pick an act of service to complete. Their minds become more aware of the things coming out of their mouth and their hearts become softened…and maybe the floors will get vacuumed.  Win.

*Side note- this jar may or may not be completed ENTIRELY by me. Get it together self! What do you possibly have to complain about! Ugh! Mission change mom’s attitude ASAP.

Side note #2- *I read a little trick that i plan on teaching the kiddos- add a BUT to a statement to quickly take it from positive to negative. Watch this, “I don’t like this dinner BUT i’m so happy to have something to eat.” “I look chubby today BUT i’m working towards my goals.”  tricky right?


 It’s hard to be grumpy when you take a step back and look at all of the great things that surround you. We hung up this little chart in the house and at the end of each day we will write on it the things that made us happy that day, the things that we were grateful for, the people that loved us and made our day better. My hope is that the chart will be covered in HAPPINESS and it will EXPLODE into our home

“A happier home isn’t a place you can furnish, it’s an attitude to develop.” -Rubin


This video HERE sums this one up just perfectly. When we verbally express our LOVE and appreciation to those around us it INSTANTLY makes us happier. Try it.  How great would it be to fill our homes, neighborhoods, and world with words of love and appreciation?

I’m writing this one on our chalkboard to serve as a daily reminder.


“As we lose ourselves in the service of others, we discover our own lives and our own happiness.”  -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

We are shooting for one service project each week. My plan is to get the kids involved in helping determine whom to serve and what to do. Time to look up from the screens and out into the world. Time to teach our children that the things of the world don’t matter but the PEOPLE do.


not the kind one might think. This is a family style version. We are going to focus on spending at least one hour a day actually playing together as a family. No phones, no friends, no tv shows. Just our little family learning a little bit more about finding happiness together using board games, sports, and adventures.

…and that’s our FINDING HAPPINESS : A FAMILY PROJECT plan. Please join us and stay tuned for an update next month. We’d love to hear your update as well.

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