Welcome FRIENDS and MAMAS!! It’s FINALLY time to introduce you to the most chic motherhood award any Mama could earn. It is a little something that we have called the YELLOW HEART AWARD. It is an award that can only be received by NOMINATION.

This award has more to it than meets the eye-it looks simple but is bursting with meaning. Its color is YELLOW which symbolizes light, sunshine, and joy. It represents the MAMAS of the world whose light shines so brightly that it lights the way for those around her. It is also the Mama in search of a light to guide her down a dark path.  It represents the Mama that shares sunshine or maybe the mama in need of extra sunshine. It is the MAMA that creates joy in the lives of others and the MAMA desperately searching for joy.

YELLOW is the color of friendship which means we BELONG TO EACH OTHER. It sends the message that no longer will we be in battle but instead we will join hands and hearts to raise our little ones in a collaboration of FRIENDSHIP and LOVE.

It’s shape is a heart which symbolizes the very CORE of a MAMA. It is the place where the hopes and dreams of our children reside. A heart is also the source of all emotion. Its shape says that on our Motherhood journey it is okay to FEEL. We will cry/laugh/scream/and burst with happiness and that is all okay.

Lastly.. its shape represents LOVE. It stands for the love between a MAMA and her babies, the love of a friendship, and the love of an entire community. It says: WE SEE YOU MAMA. You are doing a great job and you are VERY LOVED.

Whoosh! We told you that it was the WORLD’S most CHIC motherhood award! It’s time to find those MAMAS that the world needs to know. Who do you know that represents these qualities? Who gives love or needs love? Who shines light or needs light? HELP US FIND HER.

Our nominees will be featured at the beginning of the month on WHYMOMS.COM. They will also be sent an official(ish) award with a tiny heart necklace. Our hope is that they will wear that necklace and feel the love from this community of MOTHERS. All for one and one for all!

If you know someone worthy of this nomination please contact us here:


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