Welcome friends to the first edition of MOMS ON TOPIC. It’s like meeting your besties at the Bistro for a fancy little sandwich and drink-except you are at home in your jams and the babies will likely wake up soon. Until they do though- join us for a good chat about a trending topic. This week…leaving babies behind..

We keep seeing this in the news-moms that accidently leave their babies behind at various places.

Stories like THIS one where Mom accidently leaves her baby in a shopping cart as she drives home.

Or THIS story where Mom leaves baby in the car while she goes shopping.

baby left in car

IMG VIA: linkis.com

Some of these mistakes have been deadly while others, thankfully, serve as a warning to all those involved.

We are wondering this week- How does this happen and WHY? Why are babies being left behind? Are Moms just too busy these days? How can this situation be prevented in the future?

Sound off in the comments below Mamas. It was fun meeting you at our fancy little bistro for the first edition of MOMS ON TOPIC.



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