When your little one is starting school for the first time + you can’t decide who is more nervous, you or them? You do a little something to ease both your minds as you enter into this new phase of life…

We love the “If you Give A Mouse A Cookie” series + as I wondered through Barnes & Noble in search of ANY kind of back to school book to read with my aspiring Kindergartner… I found a little treasure that sparked my right brain into full gear! Well, little did I know that this idea would spiral into years of tradition for my kiddos!

It was this adorable plush mouse…

That’s right, that little guy right there. So stinkin’ cute, I couldn’t resist. I thought- how fun would it be to send that little mouse to school in my daughters’ backpack, JUST like in the book: “If You Take A Mouse To School”!?

So, I did what I do best, and bought it. Then, I got to work… I made a miniature “book” to go with the mouse. It had a love note from mommy and picture of the family inside… just in case my daughter happened to miss me as much as I would miss her;)

The night before her first day, we read our back to school books… to name a few: “T’was the Night Before Kindergarten”, The Bearenstien Bears’ “Go to School”, Pinkalicious’ “School Rules” + of course, “If You Yake a Mouse to School”!

We talked about how silly it would be to have your mouse friend with you at school… What would he DO? Would you really share your lunch with him? What if he got you in TROUBLE? Ha ha. Oh, it was perfect lead into that next morning.


Boy, was she ever surprised to wake up to see that little mouse, straight from “If you give a mouse a Cookie” right there on the breakfast table. And in her BACKPACK? Then, to have “cookies” + milk for BREAKFAST? Lucky DAY!!! I found a great recipe for these yummy, healthy, breakfast cookies HERE. It was a darling back to school breakfast.

And that was that. I sent her off to her first day of Kindergarten, mouse in tow.  As I watched her walk into that big classroom full of strangers, I was sure she would turn back for another hug, a big mommy reassuring kiss… Something?! I was sure she was hiding those teary-eyes, ready to burst into tears at any moment… like her Mommy was, right? Nope, not a glance… walked proudly, right in. She was cool as a cucumber.  I guess we can chalk it up to the security of that mouse and family photo there in her bag. Yeah, that was it. That was the reason behind her bravery for sure. Right?

+ That mouse? Let me tell you… sometimes you just never know WHAT he might be up to next. …He’s almost as sneaky as our elf on the shelf sometimes. One day we find him in their lunch box stealing a bag of cookies, and the next, he has drank half the gallon of milk! Or other times, he has pulled out all the coloring supplies and has drawn a picture of his family again. This MOUSE of ours. What EVER would we do without him;)




And the tradition continues. For both sisters. Year after year…



if you take a mouse to school
take a mouse back to school

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