A Tale of Two Mommies….

(In Honor of Friendship Week)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was a time of great transition and new experiences…. I was a new mother who had been working full time one day, then at home full time with a baby the next. I had been so excited for this sweet bundle to arrive, not knowing the joy and hardships that come with being a new mom.

I spent my days and nights with my baby. This new world of mothering was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I was hopeful, yet at the same time there was a yearning for someone to share all the day-to-day toils and tears with.

One day, I saw another new mom with a brilliant smile and happy baby walk into my church. How lovely she was and a baby girl just like me! I thought, it would be nice to know her and I would love to be friends. BUT HOW? This was before the days of phones that are smarter than us and social media mania. So making friends was harder than just a press of a button. How do we make a real-life, face to face friend these days anyway?

In my efforts to get out of my little house and away from my lonesome thoughts, I would take a walk to the park every morning, pushing my new little one in the stroller…

One morning a car passed by, and the lovely mom that I had seen at church slowed to say hi as she passed… (she was on her way home from working a night shift at the hospital, and thought ‘what a darling sight to see this cute mom walking her baby!’ It looked like something she would enjoy)… She stopped to talk for a moment and asked, “How nice, do you go walking everyday?” I replied, “Yes, you could come with me, if you want?” It was that simple. The next day we met at the park bench to walk our baby girls.

So the days passed and we walked and talked. Two new moms in a city park. It started simply with getting to know you questions, that gradually lead into deep personal experiences and emotions, Somehow attempting to resolve all those ‘complicated’ new mommy issues. Now, 9 years later, our lives are deeply intertwined and our co-parenting skills have been such a blessing. We’ve truly seen each other through the best of times and the worst of times. I thank the heavens for the day I found such a wonderful friend. All it took was a walk to the park and someone stopping to talk.

Now, here it is friendship week. A perfect time to try to build or rebuild a friendship with someone. Reach out to an old friend, or squeeze that one you already have. Whether it be that cute mom you see at the park, the soccer mom next to you on the bench, another mom at your child’s school, or even your next door neighbor… be brave! It may not be easy at first, but try to make a simple connection with someone. You never know, that kind gesture could turn into a real friendship. I believe we need those deep, loyal friendships!

It heals to come outside yourself and connect.

As much as our devices can run our lives, they don’t take the place of a true real-life breathing, crying, laughing kind of friendships! Read more on WHY WOMEN NEED WOMEN HERE.

Meg & Jamie

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