Every year we buy the kids a back to school journal. This year I bought the little bit more expensive version because they were spiral bound and nothing drives me more crazy than trying to write in a journal that doesn’t lay flat. Spend the few extra dollars. Trust me.

I start the year by writing messages inside the kids books- my hopes and thoughts for them as they enter a new year. I put their school picture inside and place the journals on their beds.  I go to bed and wait…and wait..

The next day (or a few days later) the journal appears again on my bed. My heart swells with joy when i see it. I quickly open them and find their messages scribbled back to me. Sometimes I laugh at their messages, sometimes I cry. I read about the cute boy in class, the argument with a friend, or the science lesson they had.

Mostly I use the journals as a secret assessment on their little hearts. How are they doing socially? Academically? What do they need and how can I help?

I watch their behavior closely and if anything seems off, the journals appear a little more frequently. It is just one more way to communicate, to express love, and to say “your feelings matter.”

We wish you all the very best school year!! Learn on little ones! 





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