Us women, we are unique! We bear a lot. We understand one another + we have a special way of lifting each other up. I absolutely love the statement made by Marjorie Pay Hinkley:

“Oh, how we need each other … It is a sociological fact that women need women. We need deep and satisfying and loyal friendships with each other.”

Oh how I couldn’t agree more. Don’t get me wrong- I love my dear husband, yes, we are the best of friends + I need him for many things. He is my greatest support + strength, + we can sure have a great time together. But this doesn’t mean I don’t need a strong support group of women around me to buoy me up at times! There are moments when I need the listening ear of another hormonal, irrational female.  Whether it be in passing after carpool pickup, or a good solid “Project Night” (a topic for another day), I need that time to SHARE, laugh, cry, support + encourage! In fact, I have made a whole list for you:

15 reasons WHY women need women:

  • Support from one who understands the trenches
  • “Process” what we are doing day to day
  • Encourage and build one another up
  • Find value in what we are doing
  • Motivate each other
  • Discuss deep matters of faith + beliefs
  • Emphasize one anothers’ strengths
  • Reassurance that “you’re not alone”
  • A safe place to vent frustrations
  • A rescue net to lend help when you’re in need
  • Opportunity to serve others
  • Network to share resources; offer advice
  • Motivation to get your life in order
  • Calorie burning through laughter*** (my favorite)
  • Mutual understanding of Hormones!!!

NEED I SAY MORE!? Women understand women, and we need each other…. And when we take time for each other and lift each other up, we can then buoy up our families & others around us!

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