Why Moms LLC Re-Launch of WhyMoms.com after battle with hackers


Layton, UtahWhy Moms LLC has officially re-launched whymoms.com. WhyMoms.com is a website devoted to helping moms find the meaning in the mundane, maximizing their moments, and increasing their joy, originally launched on April 1st 2015.


WhyMoms.com has taken the perspective of three mothers to answer WHY moms do what they do…  and how they do it for that matter! A mothers work ranges from fabulous foods, birthday parties, managing schedules, to maintaining their own sanity. In discovering why moms create, teach, serve, learn and go, go, go…. they can seek a more meaningful and mindful motherhood. The result being, an increase of joy in their work!  They will continue to offer content that will help a variety of mothers find the “Y” in their MommY experience.

In their first month of existence, WhyMoms.com received the highly sought after Liebster award after being nominated by a well-known blogger website: Growing Up Katertot. The Liebster award was designed to distinguish & feature new bloggers who differentiate themselves from a crowded market in the blogging industry. Despite the major complications they experienced after only 2 months, due to hackers, the Why Moms have decided to re-launch their site, and continue their journey, based on how well the blog was initially received.

WhyMoms.com co-founder, Jamie Smith stated: “Even though we faced some frustrating obstacles over the past month, we’ve decided to NOT let those hackers get us down! We received such great feedback in our first 2 months, we have chosen to continue this great journey, and share our message! And now with even more conviction. Whymoms.com has re-lauched in hopes of continuing the tradition of helping moms really find their individual purpose as they do those mundane, yet incredibly important tasks they are already doing. We want to help moms all over the world, no matter their beliefs, traditions, or approach, discover their WHY in MommY. And with whymoms.com, I really believe we can do that!”


WhyMoms.com is a mom-blog inspired website offering three unique perspectives of motherhood, whose mission is: “A group of moms committed to finding meaning in the mundane. By being purposeful in our parenting we maximize our moments and increase our joy.”

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