We are planning a trip to Disneyland next summer with the family and my brain is spinning with Mickey Mouse heads. So…let’s talk gift shop for a minute..I know there are mamas out there that skip the gift shop altogether or buy little gifts beforehand..Smart smart mamas. Unfortunately, I don’t fall into this category. I fall into the if it smells like DISNEY..and looks like DISNEY..it must be DISNEY!! Fist pump and high fives all around! Wahoo!! 12 dollar drink- you betcha! 36 dollar mickey mouse head- you only live once!

I’m pretty much DISNEY’S dream consumer!

Except that…I’ve got a plan.. and nothing is more powerful than a Mama with a plan.

If I’m going to stuff my kiddos arms with Disney gear than I’m going to first stuff their brains with information…and pay them for it! Every book they read before our trip they will be paid for. They can then use their book money to buy ridiculously priced items in the gift shop. Their brains are chuck full from a year of reading and they have a little ownership in picking out/paying for their souvenir. MOM FOR THE WIN!

Plan in motion…we’re READING our way to DISNEY.

So…here’s how I’ve worked this out with my little ones- they are five and six years old (the baby gets a free pass). Feel free to use this same system or find something similar that will work for your family.


SHORT BOOK :(read to yourself/summarized to mom)- 1 quarter

Here we are talking about Dr. Seuss type books- a quick fun little read gets you 25 cents!

SHORT BOOK: (read to someone else)- 2 quarters

I believe in the power of reading to someone else. It builds confidence/fluency/relationships. 50 cents little friends!


We’re talking a book about horses/space/vegetables. These are my daughters favorite kinds of books so we might have to lower the price 😉

CHAPTER BOOK– 1 dollar

For my little ones I’m talking books like the Junie B. Jones series- easier type chapter books.

BOOK REPORT in your best work- 1 dollar

We are working on handwriting and comprehension around here so this category gets a higher pay out. I love this form HERE and plan on putting all of their book reports into a little laminated book at the end.


There is power in writing. It increases creativity/handwriting/and thinking skills. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

There you have it! We also made some cute little DISNEY banks (inspired by these ones HERE).

We’re on our way FRIENDS!

M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E!!







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