5 Lessons From a Lemonade Stand

There’s a lot to learn from a lemonade stand. It’s a great way to teach your children a few lessons in business. The thrill of business set-up, getting the customer and making a few bucks isn’t just a skill left to adults. We all have seen children willingly lining the streets with signs and sounds of “lemonade for sale“. Here’s a few ideas for you to set-up a successful stand, while preparing your very own future entrepreneurs. This is how 2 Why Moms united to bring you an adorably successful lemonade stand… 


Lemonade that looks good, sells better. We got out the finest drink dispensers and made the yummiest fresh lemonade to serve. The real lemons were a nice touch. Lemony treats were also available to purchase. Presenting the product in a pretty way makes it more appealing to your customers. The kids were even dressed to match the stand which added to the fine presentation. Really, who can pass up a stand that looks this good? Yumm!


Picking a place is key. Find a location where there’s plenty of traffic to spot your great signs. Advertising helps with getting the customers to your small business. The kids were trained in sign holding and looked adorable while doing it didn’t hurt. Having bright signs and balloons was a great addition to help catch the eye of people passing by. They used their great “lemonade for sale” chanting skills as well.  Let your voices be heard, your stand be seen and your lemonade could be known as the sweetest in town. 


Work isn’t so bad…When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and hopefully some money too! The kids learned to work hard. They took orders, filled cups, and served cookies. They actually figured out how to give each child an assignment. At one point they had a whole line up of customers and this little team managed to fill all orders, in no time. It wasn’t always perfect, but the stand surely taught them how to manage a small business with small hands. 


They worked so hard that we did have to teach them to take a break. Each child would take turns having a drink and cookie break.  We can’t forget that good workers are more productive when they are rested and fed…soon it was back to business…


Now they know it really does take work to earn money. Learning to manage that money is a basic life skill. We split the earnings between the kids and moms (we did buy the supplies). The kids were able to learn how to count the cash with big smiles. The earnings were split into charity, savings and spending.  

The lessons from making lemonade just kept coming. It was so successful that we have made a few more stands to practice our business managing skills, but that is a post for another day… Now go out and learn a lesson from your lemonade too.

What lessons did you learn from your lemonade stand? 



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