Great Grandpa Sweeten was nearing 95 + still sharp as a tack! It was always a treat to visit “Dr. Sweeten” (as he’d have me call him). One afternoon my girls + I took the opportunity to go spend some time with him at his house. It wasn’t long after the reciting of “The Cremation of Sam McGee” by that ‘ol cowboy, that he led us out back and taught us a LESSON! A valuable lesson we will never forget…

Grandpas backyard was immaculate, full of flowers + home of “Cowboy Corner”. He pulled up a few chairs in the shade, + had us follow him as he reclined the chair back gazing up at the sky. My girls + I respectfully followed his instructions + we each lay in silence as we watched the afternoon clouds go by. I began feeling a little anxious, thinking we should be doing something ‘productive’… looking at his beautiful art work, performing another musical number for him, or something “special”! That’s when grandpa said the most perfect thing. Something every person should hear and remember:

“Just relax and let the CREAM RISE TO THE TOP!”


I wasn’t so sure what he meant until he explained what the farmer does with his bucket of milk after milking the cow- they sit it aside, LET IT REST, and allow the good stuff to surface!

“And that’s what we are doing now,” he said. “We are letting the cream rise to the top!” He made sure I knew that we should be taking the time every day to let our mind and body relax. And that was his secret to staying so healthy and sharp all those years!

So, Today..Tomorrow..Every day.. No matter the age of your kids.. Nap time or not.. Set time to allow yourself to REST for a bit. Rest in whatever way rejuvenates you most, and know that you ARE doing something productive! You are letting the ‘good stuff’ surface; you’re letting the CREAM RISE TO THE TOP!!!

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