As my kids get older I can feel them being pulled in many directions (oftentimes AWAY from me). Boo! They have their school things, sports things, music things, friends things…all GOOD things- just LOTS of things! Our family time is decreasing rapidly and because of that I want the time that we do have to be QUALITY time rather than wasted time. an effort to be intentional with our time together we went on a mad search to find some new FUN FAMILY games! Here are the games we tried and LOVED.


This game is a little bit older but it’s still a good one! We actually found it BRAND NEW at a thrift store for two dollars! SCORE! On a scale of one to ten the kiddos gave it a…

They LOVED it! It’s a simple game that encourages creativity (things like sculpting with play-doh/ drawing/acting). You get points for the tasks you perform and place your markers on the board in a tic-tac-toe sort of fashion. The person to get a “CADOO” first wins. This game is a win for MOM because the kids have to be a little bit creative and the game goes fairly quickly. That’s my kind of game!


Alright Alright! This game is nothing new but I had to include it because it’s an OLD time FAVORITE. On a scale of 1 to 10 the kids give it a ….

I think the kids like it because it’s relaxing. We can play it after a hard day and it doesn’t require a lot of thinking. It’s silly and simple. I like it because it’s perfect to keep in my purse for the long waits at restaurants/dr. offices/etc.  I’m working on a homemade version of this game with our family members as the characters. 🙂


We’ve had this game laying around forever but just recently started “playing” it as a family. The kids don’t actually play the game- they just read the cards to each other and laugh their heads off trying to answer. I like it as a Mom because it sneaks in some reading practice and you can never have too much reading practice.  On a scale of one to ten the kids gave it a …


This was a recent buy and I have zero buyers remorse. It’s pretty fun and it’s EASY to get going. All you do is put on the headband-stick the card in- and start asking questions to figure out what your card is. That’s my kind of game! On a scale of one to ten the kids gave it a…

I was laughing my head off! They would say things like, “Is it an animal?” I’d shake my head NO. They’d get all excited and scream “I know! I know! It’s a horse!” UM…NO. Hopefully this game will increase the deductive reasoning around here!


This game has no board with it. It’s simply just wooden blocks in a cute little bag. That right there makes it MOM approved as far as I’m concerned. I’m all about simplicity as far as games go because we tend to lose the pieces. This game is a matching type game where you line the blocks up according to shape/color. The brilliant part is that the game can be SUPER simple or SUPER complex. You get points based on the matches you make. I loved that part because the kids were adding up the points as we went. Adding practice at its finest. On a scale of one to ten the kids gave it a…

AND…there you have it! Our top 5 kid tested FAMILY FUN games!

I think family games are a GREAT way to get kids to turn off the screens and turn on the relationships. It feels like old fashioned fun to me instead of the whirlwind life we are living. Nothing says family fun like good games on the back porch with ice cold lemonade.

Check out these games if you haven’t already and let us know what your family favorites are in the comments below!






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