Why Moms Party, Part 5: The Anticipation

 Throughout this series, you’ve learned many of the reasons WHY I choose to do parties the way I do! Yes, some are better than others. This *why* is one of my reasons for many things I do as a mom…  I learned once, from John Covey, that:

“The anticipation is often as great as the realization!”

And I have found this to be SO true! And it’s no different for my kids birthday party’s…  it’s the preparation for weeks leading up to that is so much fun! It’s in discussing the plans, who we’ll invite, the shopping, activities, picking out supplies, etc that we enjoy. Then the big day comes, the party is here and I don’t know what was more fun, the anticipation of the party, or the realization of the party itself?

And now, for our latest kids birthday party for this little 2-year old, who is obsessed with all things that GO:

Cars, Planes & “two-two” Trains!


1- Invitations:

  • Simple little dollar-store toy trains, with a tag tied on as the invitation-

      *print template HERE

2- Cake:

3- Decorations:

  • I found any vintage-looking items around the house, as well as asked my Facebook friends for a few things…
  • Made the background poster on Ribbet.com, (feel free to use mine HERE) and printed it at Staples ($7 engineer print!)
  • Foam airplanes found at dollar store, and painted by my kids!

*print speed limit sign HERE; or backdrop HERE

4- Favors:

  • paper airplane creations
  • car photo booth photo
  • bog colored styrophome planes
  • train invites
  • mini foam planes
  • Cotton Candy, popcorn cones &  bottled “fuel” waters

     *print fuel template HERE

 5- Activities:

  • Pinewood Durby Race Track – I had access to this track from a recent fundraiser function.
    • (not sure who enjoyed it more… the adults, or the little birthday boy who didn’t leave this spot the entire party!)

party activities: Race track!

   ……and More Kids Birthday Activities:

  • paper-airplane create from pattern choices, decorate, and test the flight on the string!
  • mini foam planes flying toss through hoop!
  • Toy cars planes and trains to play with!

This was SUCH a fun kids birthday party! And even the adults had a great time. We all loved celebrating this little guy.  Even after such a fun party, I still can’t tell ya what was more enjoyable… the anticipation or the realization of it all!


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