In our home- Dad gives hugs as he leaves out the door in the morning, then 5:00 can’t come soon enough. Oh the excitement that fills the air when that car pulls in the driveway (+ the relief mom feels as they all rush into daddy’s arms + won’t leave his side for the next few hours!). WHY do I make it such a big deal when daddy comes home? Well, You know me- I’m all about a win-win. And with this one, Mom gets a little break + dad feels like a million bucks!  It’s perfect. So, with that said, let me just start off with a special little song I teach my children, pretty much at birth:

I’m so glad when daddy comes home,
Glad as I can be;
Clap my hands and shout for joy,
Then climb upon his knee,
Put my arms around his neck,
Hug him tight like this,
Pat his cheeks, then give him what?
A great big kiss.

Oh yes, isn’t it lovely? This song is the premise of my home. From the time they are little, I train my children to favor daddy! That’s right. Dad is the KEY to a happy Mom (+ kids)! AND… I’m not even mad when my babies cry for Daddy in the middle of the night… “as much as I would LOVE to go get him, he’s crying for YOU, babe”:) Brilliant.


Our 4 Secrets to Dad’s Heart:

1. Let Dad Be The Hero

***Moms, I know you’re the one there for them all day, + you may not get all the credit you deserve… but I promise you, it’s in your best interest to let Dad be the one they *think* saves the day;)

  • When someone gets hurt, we rush to Dad to assess the injuries + let him help them feel better.
  • I let dad take the kids to pick up the treats.
  • Dad is often the “fun one” that takes them to the park while I finish up my *jobs*… or rest;)

 2. When Daddy Comes Home:

***Put down that to-do list, + turn the attention to Dad’s Homecoming for a moment!

  • Once Dad says he’s headed home, I sound the alarms- I raise the excitement + let the kids know “Dad’s on his way!”
  • We quickly run through the house picking up so it looks nice + tidy for dad.
  • I try my best to have the table set + dinner in the works!
  • We watch by the door, then RUSH out to greet him with explosive hugs + kisses!


3. Dad Works Hard:

***I remember one of my girls saying once- “i want to be a Dad when I grow up, because moms do all the work while Dads relax!” OH BOY…. big fail. I had clearly slacked on my duties of reminding my kids how hard dad works all day long!

  • I try and teach my kids that dad is hard at work so we can have enough money to pay for things + do all the fun things we do!
  • We make sure Dad knows we appreciate his hard work through notes, hugs + gratitude.

4. Involve Dad: 

***It’s a clear problem when the hubby gets home from work or a business trip, + he’s suddenly “interrupting our schedule/routine”… Yeah, this is when I have to re-evaluate things + involve dad more. We make sure to:

  • Let him in on the decisions
  • Give him bedtime duties, carpool assignments, or other roles + jobs that encourage interaction!
  • Let Dad take the lead! ….As hard as this can be to hand over the pants, I strongly believe the Father should be the one presiding over the home. It’s good for Dad, good for the kids + can be a break for Mom!

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to our wonderful Dad.  Your efforts are appreciated, and we sure do long for the moment when DADDY COMES HOME !!!



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