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We talk a lot about our hearts at our house. It’s one of our three dinner time questions each night:

1. What happened that was good in your day?

2. What happened that wasn’t good in your day?

3. How did you help somebody else?

One of my main goals as a parent is for my children to live their lives thinking about and loving others. Our world is becoming more and more self serving and the days of helping others are nearly extinct. We must fight that mindset within the walls of our own home. We must teach our children to see someone other than themselves.

For years now I’ve been telling my daughter that the most beautiful thing about her is her GOLDEN HEART. So naturally when we talked about making our craft she wanted hers to be golden. So..golden it was.

We started by cutting a heart shape out of regular poster board. I printed their names off the computer and they decorated them. We spent the next half hour thinking of things that they had done throughout the week that made them have a “golden heart.”

They came up with things like: helping each other, saying kind things to a friend, doing chores without being asked, listening to Mom, and caring about others. I was surprised by the conversation that followed the craft. They were telling me kind things they had done at school and then not so kind things that they had done. My little girl was concerned about an incident at recess where she didn’t play with her friends because they weren’t playing “her game.”

“I shouldn’t always have to play my game huh Mom? I should let my friends decide sometimes too.”

I mostly just listened and nodded my head as they went from scenario to scenario. The beauty of a good craft is that it will facilitate conversation. Their little bodies get working on the task at hand and their hearts just spill right open. That’s when we take some serious Mama notes!

At one point the doorbell rang and it was my son’s little friend. I laughed out loud when I heard his four year old words, “I can’t play right now because we are working on our hearts.”

True that little guy. We are working on our hearts. It’s some serious hard work over here!

The thing is Mama friends- if I work on the hearts in my home and you work on the hearts in your home and we are all working together- we can change this place! How great would that be? A generation of golden hearts and it all begins with us.

The hearts will hang on their bedroom door and be filled with more and more good things throughout the weeks to come. If you want more ideas for teaching your kiddos be sure to check out these ideas HERE and HERE. 






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