When it comes to teaching toddlers, sometimes you’ve got to stretch that creativity! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has an active little boy that has an obsession with all things that GO? Well, there are days you just need somewhere quick, easy and cheep to take your little ones to stimulate those many, rapidly-growing brain cells of theirs! And one day, I got JUST the idea. It was perfect…

We were in the car + my little guy saw a school bus drive by + was SO excited- until 2 seconds later it passed- then he flipped. Darn buses, we only seem to see them in brief passing! This is where my FUN FREE FIELD-TRIP idea came in. Where could we see some more school buses? At the SCHOOL of course! I thought of the nearby Jr High. Sure enough, LOTS and lots of school buses were all lined up, waiting for school to get out.

Bus heaven…

We parked + walked around admiring all the beautiful yellow buses. It wasn’t long before a nice bus driver offered to let us take a closer look. He got to seat in the bus drivers’ seat, sit in the back seat, look out the windows, open + close those fancy doors… yup, heaven for a 2 year old.

Teaching toddlers can literally be this simple!

teach, wheels on the bus

Oh the little things that amuse a child…

And the bus driver even taught him a new song: “The Wheels on the Bus…” (Of course, why hadn’t I thought of that, right?) Well, we officially had a new obsession.

Once that school bell rang, we watched from a far as all the kids piled in the buses. We observed and talked about how the doors open and close, the stop sign and lights go on and off, the bus driver drives, + all the wheels that go ’round + ’round as the buses all filed out one by one. WHOA,  was that ever a sight to see for those little eyes.

Sometimes I forget how simple teaching toddlers can be! That was quick, simple, cheap, yet productive. My teaching duties were a success for the day. We learned a few new things, entertained little brothers busy-smart, rapidly growing mind + have fun… all for free! (win). And we now have a new favorite bedtime song. Done and done.

Stay tuned for some more fun *free* field-trip ideas for teaching toddlers (and anyone else easily amused for that matter;)      HAPPY FRIDAY!


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