Too many times I catch myself green with envy, wishing i was that mom, or that I had it is good as she did, or that I was as fit as that friend at the gym! I have to stop myself and remember the old saying- “the grass is always greener on the other side“. I guess they’re right for the most part… its all about the perspective! It may just APPEAR greener from where you’re standing. OR, it could be that it actually IS a little greener on the other side. My sister would tell me:

the grass may be greener on the other side… but you can bet their water bill is higher!

Isn’t that so true?  Yes, my friend at the gym may have an amazing fit body… but she certainly paid the price.  She spends HOURS there, and focuses a lot of her energy on that each and every the day. Is that something I am willing to put the time and effort into? If so, then I guess I need to water my grass more, right? Yes, my lawn could be that “green” if I wanted to work that hard for it.  But that’s not for me, so-  I’ve learned to be happy with the fitness level that I’m satisfied with. In other words: Ive learned to love brown grass!

Yes, be happy with your brown grass. The greener side may not be worth it. Your ‘lucky neighbor’ that gets flowers delivered to her door every Monday morning? Well, the maybe reason her hubby sends them is because he was drunk all weekend and is just apologizing yet ‘again’. Not quite the romantic situation you had built up in your mind, right? Or your friend who is constantly spoiled with all the fancy things you wish you had, just may have a load of debt that will catch up to them one day!

So i ask- Is the grass really greener on the other side?

I recommend you stand on your own side of the yard and be happy with the shade of grass you’ve got right in front of you! If you want yours greener and are willing to pay that price… then water it more! Otherwise learn to love your brown grass.

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