WHY MOMS Party, Part 4: Celebrating a Miracle!

My Kids BIRTHDAY? Yes, this is one department I don’t mess around with. Why? It may have a little something to do with the fact that- these precious little angels of mine have MIRACULOUSLY survived another year of life! You mothers have to admit that is an accomplishment. Truly. Have you read the news lately? (Don’t. It’s enough to worry you… But you get my point). It’s true, surviving a year is enough to celebrate. I’ve learned as a nurse that even just getting each new baby into this world is a miracle in and of itself. And for some of us, getting them to come isn’t the easiest process. My littlest one for example… it took 6 long years to get him here. HE is our miracle. After waiting this long for our little brother, and successfully making it through that first year~ you’d better believe we are going to celebrate BIG! Our lives now revolve around this little man, and we are most certainly his No. 1 Fans… so for his No. 1 Birthday, that is just what we did:

 You’re #1 ~  first birthday:
You're #1 First Birthday table decor

…We took a little twist on a sports theme for this kids birthday, and made our little 1 year old a No. 1 party from his #1 Fans!


1- Invitations:

Fan Hand No 1 invite

Front View & Back View of #1 Foam Hand Invite


2- Cake:

  • For this #1 FAN HAND cake, I baked a large sheet cake, then simply traced a foam fan hand and cut the outline… covered in blue fondant, and outlined in white frosting!

3- Favors:

#1 Fan Party favors

  • each party guest received thier sports fan gear:
    • Foam fan hand
    • Finger sized fan hand
    • Hand clapper
    • Blue lay necklace
    • Megaphone
    • Pom-Pom

4- Decorations:

you're #1 First cake chair

I’m #1 Highchair for 1st Bday Cake

5: Kids birthday Activities:


  • Sports games & a bounce house were all set up (however, we sadly got rained out to do much of any of it)
  • #1 face stamps were done by the big sisters:


  • All our #1 Fans dressed up and helped cheer on the Birthday Boy while he ate his cake & opened presents:
  • Team SMITH, show your SPIRIT!!!


This kids birthday was fun for everyone involved… It sure was great to get to celebrate our little 1 year old miracle! He is officially #1, and we are most definitely his #1 Fans!


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