Hiking Series, Part 3: Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve


“In all things in nature, there is something marvelous” -Aristotle

Summer’s here and now it’s time to find some marvelous things about nature to fill our days. This boardwalk was just the thing to combat summertime “boredom”. At the gate of the trail there’s sign that says, “In All Things in Nature There is Something Marvelous” –Aristotle. I thought that was a perfect way to look at our hiking trip. So, why should you take a hike?….TO MARVEL AT NATURE.

This is a short hiking trail, about 1.75 miles. It’s really more like a nature walk on a boardwalk. So if your not into the longer hike’s like Frary Peak  or Pine Creek Canyon  from the first 2 parts of my Hiking Series than this is for YOU.  We felt like getting outside, but not up for a difficult hike.

This trail was great for kids of all ages and it was free. The babies were able to ride with ease and safety in strollers. The children enjoyed racing around the boardwalk. Just tell them be careful or they’ll fall into the swamp. Ha, no worries, we didn’t have anyone lost to the swamp monster. Do remember to bring some bug repellent and sunscreen. Oh and another added bonus is that there are flushing toilets available! Nice addition to your adventure, this way you don’t have to get too up close and personal with nature.

We learned a few things too…We counted how many birds we could find. We even called it a BIRD WALK, not just a boardwalk. Since The Great Salt Lake is a bird migration stopping ground. There were many different kinds of birds nesting and resting along the way. We also enjoyed exploring the man-made wooden structures. There were many signs and educational activities to teach us more about nature. I noticed that there are actual guided tours available too. We certainly marveled at all the different kinds of birds and the beautiful scenery.


Get DIRECTIONS to The Great Salt Lake Shoreline Preserve HERE.

Get Visitor Center HOURS of operation HERE.

Get guided TOUR information HERE.

Now get out there into the MARVELOUS WORLD!

What nature hikes/walks have you been on with you children?


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