Going on a Bug Hunt! Tips and Ideas to Make a BUG COLLECTION
We’re going on a BUG HUNT!  We’re not scared…Got our nets by our side…and bug jars too!

One summer we made a BUG collection. Why collect creeping things, you ask? It was an exciting way to get outside and explore with the kids. While on our walks, hikes and camping trips we had our eyes peeled for any cool insects. Since summer is almost here and I have another adventurous bug hunter on a collecting craze. I thought I’d tell a little about our creepy-crawly experience. I’ll share how we made our bug collection and give you tips to start your bug collecting adventure too.

It took us many months, hunts and some spontaneous finds to get some good insects for our fancy shoe box collection. Every time we spotted a good specimen we’d catch it, kill it and pierce it. Sounds brutal but it’s all in the name of official scientific research. We made quite the collection. Sophia was a super-star, she caught dragonflies and found bugs like crazy. Gabe got us a good old rollie-pollie. It was family fun and educational, with everyone helping. We did further research to identify the insects in our identification book. The kids labeled and colored their own bugs to decorate the box. Liam wanted to see the bugs all the time too. We had to show him from a distance or bye-bye bugs.

Now I have a couple more cute bug collectors interested in these small creatures. We have had to revisit our bug learning adventure.  Just today in our rainstorm the kids collected worms for our garden and chickens.

We’ve added some more activities to the experience. We found different books.  Our favorite is “BUGS GALORE”, it’s so silly and has great illustrations. Also, I remembered and found a funny song from my childhood “The Ugly Bug Ball”.  A classic song that includes many insects in a happy tune. Now it’s time to get you started on your collecting.

Here’s some helpful tools and tips to start you on a bug collection adventure –


  • Bug Nets- (Buying a net makes catching easier and more fun).
  • Storage Jars- (Reuse plastic food containers to keep bugs in while collecting. I kept one in my car for spontaneous finds).
  • Locations- (Around the house or even local trails, fields, parks or campgrounds to find some less common insects).


  • Kill Jar (instructions HERE)
  • Styrofoam Board (Buy or we used packaging foam we already had)
  • Pins (Buy or use some sewing pins to pin the bugs to the styrfoam inside the shoebox)
  • Shoe Box with lid (Cut styrofoam to fit and place inside box)


  • Stickers or Labels for the box.  (Add a label each time you collect a bug. Let the kids write it/stick it on the box.)
  • Encyclopedia of Insects. Buy HERE
    the illustrated world encyclopedia of insects.
  • Bugs Galore. Buy HERE
  • Library Trip! Get lots of BUG books at your local library. Be prepared to SQUIRM and LEARN!


SIMPLE – Ugly Bug Ball Activity

(If catching bugs isn’t your thing, at least you can try this and sing)

  • Color a ball and a bug.
  • Play the “Ugly Bug Ball” Song.
  • Hold Up Ball or Bug When You Hear Those Words in the Song.

Ugly Bug Ball Activity

WE had a BALL at the UGLY BUG BALL with this silly song and activity. Game brought to you by the most creative Liam I know!


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