Camping in the great out-doors… sure SOUNDS peaceful, right? Well, I just so happen to have a tent salesman for a husband, and let me tell you- when you have the right gear, it can ACTUALLY be a “peaceful” experience! In fact, when your tent takes literally less than 1 minute to set up… you can have your camp-out experience pretty much anywhere you’d like… even right outside your own back door!

Special clip of our future little salesman… “Black Pine Sports Turbo Tent… it’s that easy!”  She’s right, I guess when setting up is this easy, why not, right!?

camping out back

This was our sweet little set up we had going on…

My family THRIVES on family date nights… and this spring break we made a plan to go camping since the weather was so nice. As I started the packing list, and looked at all the supplies for just one night, I thought- why don’t we just camp right here in our very own backyard! With it being such a quick trip, I figured we could accomplish everything we would at a campsite as we could camping at home… not that our wooden fence replaces the woody forest, but for what we wanted to accomplish that night, it was sufficient!

I recently have been focusing on the “WHY” behind what I do, and this made me really think WHY we wanted to camp as a family. Why were my kids begging for this so much. And then it hit me… it’s the uninterrupted time they were craving! And this little backyard solution seemed to be less work for everyone. And in that moment, that’s just what we needed. Some simple, focused, quality family bonding time.

This was a good-ol backyard Camp-Out:

  • We DID:
    • pretend to be ‘far away’ from home…
    • have a hobo/tinfoil dinners
    • make dutch oven cobbler
    • roast mallows/ make s’mores
    • wash up in the kitchen sink;)
    • tell campfire stories
    • sleep outside as a family
    • have a griddle pancake breakfast!
  • We DIDN’T:
    • use our cellphones (often my favorite part of camping…being out of cell service…getting a chance to step away from the world and breath)
    • pee in the woods
    • get dirty (except from those darn s’mores)
    • have to pack the car (wahoo)
    • work too hard!
Camping up in a tree

this was a fun new experience we tried… a tent in a tree! Who whoulda thought:)

The best part about this night was- I realized our camping experience didn’t have to be as hard as it seemed. I focused on the WHY behind this family camp-out, and then was able to make sure we accomplished what was needed that night.

I suggest you do the same at your next family outing; focus on the essentials, and see what magical moments are created!!! Family Camp-out, done and done! Grab your family… and head for the Hills, (or your backyard)!

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