[big_title]Are You Done Having Babies?[/big_title]

[big_title2]Saying Goodbye To The Baby Stage[/big_title2]

How Do You Know You’re Done Having Babies? I think I’ve finally figured it out… Everyone always asks, “will you have anymore children?” When you have a bunch of kids they really want to say, “Are you done having babies YET?” After each baby I have always said to myself…NO more BABIES… I’m overwhelmed, tired and don’t know how I can handle more. And yet, here I am with 4 little snuggle bugs filling my heart and home, ohhh….and might I add….sucking the energy, brains and sanity from my very being! My once very keen brain has been tested and tried through sleepless nights and tasking days. Now I’m left to pick up the pieces of this brain and be the mom of 4. Yeah 4! It still surprises me to look around at my offspring thinking, I had all these children?!

It seems after each child it takes about a year to recover fully (if that ever really happens?!) I’ve been doing this baby thing for almost 10 years…Well and the more babies you have the longer it takes to recuperate, at least for me. I’m just now getting through the sleep deprivation and still working on left over belly fat. I’m pretty sure everyone wonders if I am pregnant again, by this time I usually am. With these quadruple pregnancy leftovers, it looks like I’m a couple months along. I’ll just keep them guessing…

I was so certain my fourth was the last one. When I was first pregnant, I would say, this is the last time I’ll be morning sick, this is the last time I’ll be prodded like a cow monthly to check on our well being. I also was saddened to think, this is the last time I will wonder what my baby will look like or whether it’s a girl or boy. This is the last time I’ll  feel my baby moving inside of me amazed by my MIRACULOUS body.

Speaking of miracles…I now find myself so happy when I have a period. Weird I know, but thank heaven for a period. Periods come at the end of a sentence and my birthing sentence is done. That makes this all sound like a punishment. Honestly, it’s not all that bad but, it’s not all good either. It’s a lot of work to get babies here. (That’s an article for another day, I’ll call it something like…How and WHY MOMS birth babies?)

Still there’s something within me that draws me to babies and I’m not even a big “baby person”. I’ve finally figured it out, YOU READY……We are programed for it and programmed to forget, it’s got to be these feminine hormones. The forgetfulness peaks just about the time our babies turn 18 months (at least for me). Have you ever wondered why 1-2 year olds are the cutest dang things ever?! It’s so you WILL forget almost EVERYTHING you’ve sacrificed for the last 2 plus years to have a baby. I actually wrote an Ode to Pregnancy, while in my last month of pregnancy just so I wouldn’t forget. I’m going to have to consult the ode because, I’m becoming VERY forgetful. Each time I see a cute baby face or a mommy snuggling her newborn. I think, ohh, so sweet, this can’t be the last… Actually the first words out of my mouth when I birthed my last baby were,“that wasn’t so bad” (ehh see, SO quickly we forget). My husband looked at me like, no way babe, we already decided this is it, we’re done having babies!

SO hear I am sorting through the emotions and hormones, My bodies seems to be asking me, ARE YOU DONE HAVING BABIES YET?….The HEART says….oh babies are beautiful and you need more to fill me with a bundle of JOY.  While the HEAD saysno way your hands are full and as your mind I’m calling it QUITS if you do this again.  I think I’ve finally figure it out though. I know that it’s my choice, well our choice as a couple. I can now say our family is complete! I’m just mourning the loss of a stage and anticipating a new one about to start….

So I must SAY GOODBYE maternity clothes….goodbye bouncers, rockers, swings and slings….Goodbye nights of feedings and changings. I’ll miss the sweet baby smell and the soft baby skin. I’ll miss the wonder of baby’s first word and first laugh. I’ll miss you my babies, I REALLY WILL (tear and sniffle). Thank goodness we have pictures!

I pray that they may grow into kind hearted adults to one day make me a VERY good and HAPPY grandma. Fortunately, moms who survive the baby stage are often times able to be GRANDMA! In the meantime mamas watch out I may just have to come steal your baby for a snuggle or at least I’ll join you while you sway to put them to sleep….

Are you ready to say goodbye to the baby stage?  



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