Sometimes right before I fall asleep I think of my happiest moments as a mom. They scroll through my brain like movie highlights and I watch one after another go by. It’s a giant collection of random Tuesdays, happy squeals, and pure childhood joy. The movie is picture perfect-the one where you leave the theater with tears streaming down your face.

The images look something like this:

Every one of the images have something in common- They were the times in my mom life when I said YES. Will you play ninjas with me mom? YES. Can we have a tea party? YES! Jump on the an ice fort..swing on the swings..go to the lake? YES! YES! YES!

Here’s the thing Mama friends- I can look at each one of those pictures and tell you about how in my brain I wanted to say NO. It was too much mess..too much time.. I was tired! Lets take a nap!

Playing ninjas again for the 7 millionth time makes me want to cry and I wonder if there are any moms in the world that ACTUALLY like playing Barbies. I get my barbie all dressed in sparkly pink and then there’s only one pink shoe!! How can one possibly move forward with the game? Really Mattel?- glue the tiny shoes on!! Its a disaster! Every. Single. Time!

The SECRET MAMA TRICK is that it only takes a good 5 minutes before you realize that chasing bad guys is semi-funner than paying bills. Becoming the worlds most romantic KEN is half-way funny. That guy does whatever you say. My Ken cooks and cleans and drives the sparkly barbie car to Maverick to pick up Diet Coke. He’s a real good plastic guy..

Say YES mama friend and then give it 5 good minutes of serious play. You might just have the time of your life.. your day. If you play hard enough you might even be the star of your own movie highlight reel as you fall asleep. You will see your smiling children-your happy mama face- and that handsome devil KEN. Chances are you might even be the star in your children’s highlight reel as well! They will fall asleep thinking you are the VERY BEST MOM THEY EVER DID HAVE!

Today lets practice saying YES-

YES means we are saying YES to ourselves as well. Yes- the dishes can wait. YES- I deserve a break from the stress of being an adult. YES- its a beautiful day and I could use the fresh air- and YES-tiny child- YES- I will play with you…as long as I get to be KEN!

5 minutes MAMAS you got this!! Go get ’em!

…and if you don’t mind.. my tiny children are on their way over to play as well. I need a nap!





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