It’s almost Fathers Day friends which means its time to spoil the special guys in our lives! Its time to say thank you for the endless sacrifices, the lessons they’ve taught us, and the examples they’ve been. Here’s a collection of 35 dad approved gift ideas for the husbands/fathers/grandfathers..


1. ART BOOK- give him a place to keep all of those special notes/cards/drawings from his little ones. I made one of these for myself years ago and its so fun to look back on. You can download a cover page HERE– fill it with some treasured pages and call it done.

  2. Collage Blanket- I think this would be a fun idea that would last a lifetime. Check it out HERE! When you sign up you get a 40% off coupon for your first purchase. Score!

3. Amazing Clubs- I signed my husband up for the hot sauce of the month club this past Christmas and he LOVES it! He gets two new hot sauces every month to try out. There are LOTS of different clubs- even a bacon of the month club! YUM! Choose your favorite club HERE!

4. Lessons- think about whatever he is into or has shown interest in learning (golf/fishing/etc).

5. Stepping Stones- We LOVE these and have several throughout our yard from different years. Put a cute little tag (My DAD rocks) and you are good to go! I love this kit HERE!

6. Keychain- Lots of different options with this idea. You can make one yourself or buy THIS cute little guy!

7. Shutterfly books- I love the quality of these books and have made SO many throughout the years for different occasions. Fill it up with pictures of your kids/funny things they have said/ memories of dad..

  8. Smilebox DVD’s- I love smilebox because they have a lot of pre-designed templates. All you have to do is import your pictures and choose your music. Burn it onto a DVD and you have a family treasure. We like to watch ours during breakfast on Fathers Day morning. Start making yours now at

9. Engineering Prints- You can print huge pictures at staples for unbelievably cheap! Design a fathers day picture on your favorite photo software and send it over to print. Easy:) Here’s one we made last year!

10. Banner- We printed a “WE LOVE DAD” photo banner a few years ago and we hang it on the garage Fathers Day morning. Be on the lookout for good deals! A lot of times Staples will have there’s on sale for 9.99.

11. Interest Gift- what is he interested in? Buy him something that goes along with his hobbies. Hunting supplies/fishing gear/gardening tools/CDs/movies/etc

12. Tree or Plant- “There’s no one I’d rather grow a family with” or “Thanks for helping me grow.” Tie a cute ribbon on the tree with the tag. Done. Print your Tags HERE!

13. Favorite meal- Set up a fancy dinner with your husbands favorite meal or go to his favorite restaurant.

14. Give him the night off- Take the kids a few minutes before he gets home and leave him a note that explains that he has a few hours all to himself. Leave him a basket with his favorite treats, put the big game on the TV, let him relax.

15. Sports Tickets- This one is a no brainer in my family. He LOVES sports!

16. Experience Gift- I bought my husband flying lessons one year and we had a great time experiencing something completely new. Ideas: fast cars, skydiving, guided fishing trips, hunting trips, places to see, etc.

17. Smoker/Grill- This is a good one if he is the BBQ MASTER 🙂

18. Decorate his car- Buy some car paint and let the kids go to town writing cute messages! Worlds best dad!

19. Dollar Shave Club- This is a fun idea and you can customize it to your price point. PLUS they have a serious sense of humor and that’s something that makes me a customer!

20. Have a SUPERMAN themed dinner- let the kids help you decorate- talk about all the things that Dad does for your family. Help them appreciate how hard he works!

21. Back Massage- Buy him one or give him one… Depending on your budget 🙂

22. Coupon Book- My husband gave me this for mothers day with ideas that were practical to our family. For example: Free Diet coke run 🙂 SOLD. That’s a coupon I will actually use! I LOVE the ones HERE made by the Dating Divas! So cute!

23. Camping supplies! Maybe download a darling CAMPING MEMORY BOOK (Shameless plug there) 😀 

 24. Trophy- Everybody needs a trophy right? Use an old trophy you have laying around from various sporting events- change the label (WORLDS BEST SPAGHETTI MAKER/ ICE CREAM KING/FUNNEST DAD) It’s a little silly but I like silly:)

25. Car wash coupons- My husband LOVES to get the car washed. He would love it even more with a coupon.

26. A Dry Cleaned closet- Take all of his work shirts to be dry cleaned. No ironing for you. Perfectly pressed shirts for him. Win!

27. Basket of Favorites- put all of his favorite things into one basket. (Favorite drink/movie/candy/etc) The tag might say- FAVORITE THINGS FOR MY FAVORITE GUY!

28. Signed baseball- My husband spends a lot of time playing baseball with the kids. He would love a baseball with their chicken scratch signatures on it. His greatest fans!

29. Shared Experience- Let the kids think of an experience they would like to do with JUST dad. (Fishing/frog catching/golf) Give them a bag and let them fill it with supplies needed for their date (snacks, nets for catching frogs, sunscreen, a CD for the car) They have a fun gift to give Dad and they both get to enjoy TIME together.

30. Do the chore he’s been putting off (Cleaning the garage/fixing the bikes/etc)

31. Get his car detailed (Groupon has deals for this often)

32. Make matching shirts for the kids (MY DAD IS THE BEST!) Surprise him for lunch at work wearing your matching shirts.

33. Recorded Storybook- We did one of these a few years back when our daughter was just learning to read. We love listening to her little voice each year. You can buy a Fathers Day one HERE.

34. Personalized Pillowcase- Tutorial HERE. We made these almost a year ago and have washed them a bunch of times. They have held up great. You can buy bulk pillowcases HERE and make one for all the grandparents also. Done:)

35. Heart Attack the house with reasons WHY you love him!!

We love DADS over here at WHYMOMS and wish them all the very best FATHERS DAY EVER!

*And…a big shout out to all of the MOMS of the world that are doing it all themselves! I grew up in a single parent home and I know firsthand how AMAZING you are! Kick your feet up and pat yourselves on the back!





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