WHY You Should Take a HIKE, Part 1: Challenging Your Family Brings You Closer

Antelope Island- Frary Peak Hike

View From Antelope Island Across the Salt Lake with Antelope Grazing

View From Antelope Island Across The Great Salt Lake. Showing Mountain Range of Weber County.

I used to go hiking often, but the motivation has been on a gradual decline with each additional child. It’s not totally exhausted yet…my family just recently attempted a hike on Antelope Island.  We chose Frary Peak as our CHALLENGE!

Frary Peak Hike on Antelope Island Hiking Trails. Hike by The Great Salt Lake with Children

We live near this majestic island. It can be seen from our grandma’s back window. We’ve often seen it, but it was finally time to scale it. It was rated as moderate in difficulty, but we thought we’d give it a try anyway. I was hesitant, but our fearless leader, DAD, was motivated to take his family to the top! So we prepared for HIKE DAY….boots, snacks, Camelbaks and all…

We were off (in-spite of the biting gnats warning, HINT: bring bug spray). It is recommended by the Antelope Island State Park Rangers to go in very early spring or late fall to avoid these pests. The ranger says they hatch as soon as the weather warms and stick around until temperatures hit around 90. Also, the cooler temperatures this time of year are great for hiking these trails. We went in October and the gnats were not a bother, at least at the high elevation of Frary Peak. We went in the evening when it was cool and nice for the hike.

We’ve been to Antelope Island often. It has breath-taking scenery in all directions. However you may have to hold your breath while driving across the causeway, the stench of a salty lake is present. This drive has its own element of excitement. The causeway is the road to Antelope Island and was submerged for most of 1980’s because the level of the Great Salt Lake was so high. It’s now open allowing you to drive the 7.2 miles over the lake to Antelope Island.  Along the road we encountered the wildlife of Antelope Island…. It’s not surprising, we saw ANTELOPE and keep your eyes open for the large BUFFALO roaming about (this one was right off the side of the road).

Lone Antelope on Antelope Island Near the Great Salt Lake in Utah
Buffalo Grazing on Antelope Island by The Great Salt Lake in Utah

The hike started out with smiles and songs, but soon we were singing a different tune along the hiking trail… “How much longer?….Can I have a snack?….I need to pee”….were among the whines and worries we encountered along the trail. Still we ventured on. We enjoyed holding hands and refocusing our efforts to make it to the peak. There’s an AWESOME VIEW from the top. It made the difficult hike worth it! We arrived about 1 hour before the sunset. It was so glorious! The lake and mountains intertwined with the colors of the evening sky!  Poems are written about views like this.

Frary Peak Hike on Antelope Isand at Sunset View of the Great Salt Lake in Utah

Honestly, at some point along the trial each of us were about to turn back. We were amazed that our 4 kids, 8 and under, had accomplished such a feat on their own feet. Ok, not baby Eva, we packed her two little feet the whole way. It was a moderately difficult hike, but we did it! The trails were manageable with the kids. I never felt they were in danger. We had to help them over some rocks and stay by them on steep inclines. (We didn’t take the youngest 2 up the final steep cliff). These challenges helped us rely on each other to reach the destination. Our littlest man Liam was a trooper, only 4 years old, his legs were wobbly, but he did finish with some breaks and piggy-back rides. The older two, Sophia and Gabe, showed us that our family hike training is paying off.  Neither of them needed assistance anymore, only warning or encouragement. After 6 miles round trip and 3 1/2 hours we made it back just before sunset with our AMAZING little crew!

Need Some Motivation to GO HIKING….


* Challenging Your Family Brings You Closer.

Hopefully the work and struggle will bring you closer. We only made it because we didn’t all lose it at the same time!  There needed to be someone to keep us going along the trial. Especially the courageous and sometimes questioning leaders, mom or dad, had to stay strong to keep the little parade of hikers marching on…

So don’t be afraid to ignite that ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT in you and TAKE A HIKE MAMA!

We’re always looking for new hiking trails. Where have you been hiking lately?

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