My daughter has always believed in fairies. They are very REAL to her. Last year she wanted to make a house for her fairy (whom she named SPARKLE- after the paper towels at Wal-Mart)..and so we made a house. Sparkle came to live in her house and has become a constant in our lives. A simple project has transformed the way I parent and the way my daughter sees life. Here are my top ten reasons WHY you should teach your child to BELIEVE.

1. BELIEVING in magic gives kids hope.

This world is not always an easy place to live in. Kids are hungry. Kids are dying. Kids are sad. Magic isn’t going to change those facts. It is however going to place a little seed of hope in our child’s hearts. MAYBE my friend will beat cancer and we can play together again.. MAYBE my Dad will get a new job so I can see him more.. How often do we, as adults, rely on HOPE to get us through a day?- let’s let our babies do the same.

2. BELIEVING in magic can change a day.

My daughter is sitting at the kitchen table crying about her bad day. All of the sudden there is a little flutter out the kitchen window. I happen to be standing in just the right spot that I am able to witness such an event. I scream in delight and we both run out to see if Sparkle has returned. Bad day gone. MAGIC.

3. BELIEVING in magic fosters creativity.

Sparkle frequents our bed time stories. I have heard about all of her adventures. I know her friends, what they look like, what their names are. All of it designed by the creative mastermind of a six year old who BELIEVES. She has spent countless hours planning, preparing, and setting up parties for Sparkle and her friends. Watching the creativity burst from her tiny mind- MAGICAL.

 4. BELIEVING in magic equals time spent together.

Our first fairy house was held together by hot glue-as was our second fairy house-and every house since. Does it get destroyed by the wind, rain, and sun. Absolutely. Is that by mistake? Nope. Each year I get to spend the most beautiful spring day with my daughter. We redesign the fairy house. What would Sparkle like this year? We repaint- we replace-we relearn all about each other. Time. MAGIC.

or if you are a BIY (Buy it yourself) kind of Mama- This little fairy kit is DARLING!


5. BELIEVING in magic encourages reading, writing, and Arith-MAGIC.

Get it? Ha! Sparkle writes notes to my daughter-who then writes notes back. We are practicing reading and writing without even knowing it. Sparkle has been to Australia, Hawaii, and China. She teaches my daughter about the culture of those places. My daughter then wants to learn more so she can ask her fairy all about it. MAGIC.


6. BELIEVING in magic breaks the barriers of perfection-

Kids are taught over and over again that they have to measure up to a certain standard. At school they are graded by well meaning teachers. At home they are graded by well meaning parents. Grades. Grades. Grades. There are no grades in magic. You don’t have to be an A+ kid for a fairy to love you. There is a fairy for every kind of kid. Often Sparkle will leave a note that says “I love you just the way you are.” MAGIC.

7. BELIEVING in magic is fun.

Plain and simple. There is nothing quite like watching your child’s face light up when the fairy has returned from a vacation (our fairy goes on lots of vacations. She returns when the schedule has time for her) I get just as excited as my daughter does. I love leaving her little notes and treats from her fairy. Its one more way for me to have fun with my child. MAGIC.

8. BELIEVING in magic gets our children OFF the screens!

Times are changing. Children are changing. Imagination is a thing of the past and X-box is a thing of the NOW. Kids don’t have to use their imagination anymore because the entire story is spilled out right before them. Just press B then A and jump two times. It’s time to turn it off and turn on the make believe.

9. BELIEVING in magic facilitates communication.

This is my very favorite point. Magic becomes one more avenue to get to the hearts of our babies. Oftentimes my daughter wont tell me a lot of details about her day. But you better believe she will write a whole note to sparkle. “I had grilled cheese for lunch and I played babies at recess. I felt happy.” Take notes Mama. She felt happy. What if she felt sad? What if she was being bullied and she only told the fairy? What if she was confused or concerned? Would I rather she talk to me? Absolutely. Does she always? Nope. Magic.

10. BELIEVING in magic creates memories.

I know my daughter will remember her fairy when she is grown. My hope is that she remembers all the times in between. How we painted, laughed, and squealed in delight.. If she doesn’t remember.. I will be here to remember for her. Magic.

There you have it Mama friends! If you don’t believe in magic now…well.. you never will 🙂

and to end with a song… Do you BELIEVE in magic… in a young girls heart..

What ways do you embrace MAGIC in your own home?

magic troll

UPDATE– turns out my little guy was feeling a little left out this spring when Sparkle returned. So-we welcomed a Troll (Toby) to our family. He’s a…wait for it…MAGIC TROLL. of course.. He leaves notes. He leaves treats. You should get yourself one.. or ten. You only live once:)



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