My alarm goes off, and rather than push snooze one more time, I pull up my Any.Do app, and look at my long accumulating, slightly overwhelming to-do list! And as I attempt to muster up the motivation to get it ALL done today, I battle with the reality of how much will ACTUALLY get done… Oh, me and my to-do lists.
I crave them, yet I loath them! Why!? Why does this list have the power to bring me so much motivation at the start of the day, the satisfaction as I check things off throughout,  yet this same list brings on so much GUILT at the end of a busy day! It’s a love-hate relationship, really.

There is a great sense of satisfaction that comes from CHECKING that box. And you better believe that if I do something NOT on my list- I write that baby down, and CHECK. IT. OFF! It just feels so good. I am a visual learner, so I love myself a good LIST… no matter the day, the project, you name it, I’m a list maker. And thanks to today’s technology, my to-do lists are always right at my fingertips. Just waiting to remind me… and even motivate me! Yes, my handy app sends me motivational messages throughout the day. I know, “if I want to accomplish these 17 tasks, I’d better get started”. It IS very handy, however I’ve grown to respect the old fashioned method of paper and pen checklists. Because these smartphone apps nowadays that have rollover tasks from day to day? Slightly depressing… Every day I’m like ‘ IM AWARE I’ve snoozed that task for 63 days now, but I’d like to snooze it AGAIN! ‘ thank you for the guilt trip, Any-Do! …when, back before the fancy apps- I’d get so sick of writing, and re-writing the task again and again I’d eventually leave it off! For heavens sakes, if it’s really not done YET, It’s clearly not THAT important! But now those darn little tasks are hanging on for dear life and rolling over to yet another day… (and no, I can’t possibly CROSS it OFF.. I havent COMPLETED it!)  So, there it stays, snoozed for another day. Up for review again tomorrow. *Sigh*

Over time I’ve learned I am a lot like my grandma… So much to do and so little time! The end of a busy day was all too often a list of unfinished boxes. Well, My grandpa used to always say to her: “Vivian, I want to hear what you DID do today, not what you didn’t do!” Oh, wise grandpa… I think I’ll take your advise! In fact, I just might begin a Things I-DID list! Ha. Yes, its perfect. It’s like a mommy reward sticker chart… I’ll only add the things I accomplish each day! Of course I’ll include the 14 diapers I changed, the mouths I fed (including mine), the steps on my pedometer, the friends around me I lifted through social media, and more… oh, SO MUCH MORE! This is going to be great. In fact, Let us ALL stop dwelling on the guilt brought on by our lengthy to-do list, and focus on that list of things we DID do!!!

Join me, won’t you?  What is on your lovely list of Things You-DID???

Here is your free, printable, checklist to fill out each day:

…and If you happen to need some ideas, here are a few…

  1. Woke up and got out of bed
  2. Took some deep breaths
  3. Fed the kids & hubby
  4. Drove carpool
  5. Back to the school to bring forgotten homework
  6. Commented on 18 FB posts
  7. Cleaned up yesterdays dishes!
  8. Helped toddler change clothes for the 6th time today
  9. Called a friend in need
  10. 7 pages of homework with the kids…

(…..and so on. You’ll get the hang of this new optimistic perspective. Consider this your official invitation to relieve the guilt from your lengthy to-do lists and be PROUD of yourself! Always remember to take Grandpa’s advice and look at all the things you ARE doing each day.  And have a fantastic, productive day!)


to-do: rock baby

…my favorite “justification” I learned from my mother…




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