[big_title]Giving Back to The Giving Tree[/big_title]

I was reading The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein with my children. I’ve read this story many times growing up, but it takes on a whole new meaning to me now that I am a mother.  This classic children’s book is about a tree and a boy. The tree and the boy love to play.  When the boy starts to grow he starts asking for the tree’s help. She is so giving that she is willing to do anything for this boy she loves. First, she gives her apples, then her branches, and finally her trunk. All that is left of her is a stump. This boy comes as an old man to visit the tree and asks to rest on the stump. And finally, in the end… “the tree is happy.”

giving tree and she love a little boy very, very much even more than she loved herself.

Now isn’t that so sweet? The giving tree is so selfless. Sacrificing all for her boy. Sometimes, this is how it feels as a mother. Aren’t we all just giving trees? Always helping those in our family who need us. Offering all that we have for them. It is wonderful to have a family to serve and love, yet do I really need to be left as a stump for someone’s bottom to rest on in the end?!

As touching as this story is, I would like to add an alternate ending for you moms who feel STUMPED…. Maybe the tree could still give of her branches and apples. WHY do many moms feel they must continue to give without ever giving back to themselves? Sharing of her fruits and pruning is a grand service, but mothers can still serve and sacrifice for those they love without being completely chopped down! Can we keep our core and life force nourished so that we are able to give even more? Moms should be able to grow and blossom right along side the boys and girls that we love. So don’t loose yourself completely… take care of your tree so that you’re able to share your fruits with all those in your life, without depleting yourself…. Don’t be reduced to a stump, find the best way to nourish your giving tree! Get to the ROOT of your troubles and allow for rejuvenation. Allowing for regrowth will enable you to be ready to give and give again….

Ideas to “GIVE

Back TO THE  Giving TREE”.

TREES (and moms) NEED –

Nourishment– Eat something deliciously comforting. (Maybe fries or chocolate?! Eating healthier, then grab a well dressed salad!)

Air– Go outside and catch some fresh air on a walk, jog or hike (alone or with little ones whatever is most refreshing to you).

Water– Yeah mom drink up some pure cleansing water or even take that shower you’ve been needing!

Light– Warm your soul with a good read, uplifting music or inspiring quote…

Tell me how you would give back to THE GIVING TREE…










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