PICTURE THIS- If the pinterest perfect mom turned that camera around and snapped a picture of what was REALLY going on behind them, we all just might see the world a little differently! Why do we showcase the lovely moments of our life and rarely reveal our vulnerable side?

If those perfectly staged photos were panned out a little further, revealing what was really taking place around them, maybe there wouldn’t be so much of this social media pressure! We might actually stop beating ourselves up over the neighbors perfect photos- (the one with her immaculately clean house, beautiful children and darling decor) wishing we were a better, more creative mom!

messy kitchen & breakfast magic

messy kitchen & breakfast magic


It’s true. But it’s not realistic. The mess is real, but photographing it to share with the world- not happening.  Slapping a snap shot of “the disaster” in a photo book for my own personal viewing one day down the road, maybe. But taking a picture of it and posting it for all my 367 “friends” to ‘Like’ and share? No way! Not the ‘magic’ I’m going for.  I’m gonna post and scrapbook that staged photo 99% of the time.

But why? Why do we do this? Sometimes I find myself feeling guilty when I see the “oh you’re such a good mom….” comments! I feel guilty because in my head I’m thinking- “eek, if you only knew what a photo would have looked like moments before; or the mess & stress I was left with after!” It’s true- you know you’ve all been there.

Often I have I ask myself- WHY!? why do we do this to ourselves… to our FRIENDS!? Well, I’ve done some soul searching over this. Why do we post the lovely moments of our life and rarely reveal our vulnerable side?
Whether it be right or wrong, I think I’ve figured out why some women like to (handpick) the moments posted to our “timeline.” Because I’ve found that down the road when we are flipping through the pages of those photo books, my kids don’t remember the mess! They remember the magic we created that day! The fun we had. And Heaven forbid, I get to look back and think my house was clean and pat myself on the back for the cute decor I set out! Is that so bad? If I want it to be remembered that way, and that is my reward- the validation from my kids later that I am “such a fun mom” then so be it. One small reward sticker on my chart for the day. There aren’t many of those moments, so I say- live it up! Go for it… Capture the magic, not the mess!

But as for the rest of you realistic and true-to-yourself mamas comparing yourself to them, stop it! Remind yourself when you see those “magic” photos that make you green with envy, that you’re not seeing what’s behind that camera! You never know the tears that may have led up to that moment, or the mess they may be living in. Your story doesn’t have to be picture perfect to be memorable.  Be at peace knowing you are your own kind of wonderful! Seriously. That’s the beauty of this life- we get to make of it whatever we want. We just each choose to post it differently;) YOU decide what defines memorable to you!
So, with this I say… Press forward and MAKE YOUR OWN KIND OF “MAGICAL”!

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