Camping season has officially begun here in Utah and we couldn’t be more excited! I can’t wait to get my little people out into the woods and build some serious memories together! I’ve been organizing and sorting and carefully choosing just exactly what to put in the trailer to maximize our minimal amount of space.

I wanted a book that we could keep in the trailer that would hold all of our camping memories. I wanted one that we could write our adventures and memories down but also one that would have room for a picture or two. When I couldn’t find one at the store I decided to make my own-and now you can too:)

Just print the pages as 5X7’s at your local copy store-insert into your book-and fill out when you’re ready. These would even make great gifts if you have family or friends that love to camp. I bought my book HERE because who doesn’t love Amazon Prime:)

I’m happy to customize the print with your family name- just leave me a comment below with what name you would like and an email address to send it to. You can download the pages HERE! I’ve included a tent cover page as well-per reader request 🙂 Easy and simple gift idea!


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