Motherhood has been presented to us since we were born. Our perception of mom started with our own unique childhood mothering experiences. We were probably given baby dolls and disproportioned Barbies that shaped our vision of motherhood for good or bad. Whether you snuggled that dolly or threw it into the sandbox, you were presented with this idea of mom. This may have even sparked that question, why should I be a mom? When you played house wasn’t mom the coveted position? When asked, “WHO WANTS TO BE THE MOM?” All little voices shouted, “ME!” Now we imagine ourselves saying, “Who wants to be the mom here?” and then taking applications for our job.

Girl Playing In Sand Box. Questioning Whether She Want to Be A Mom?

Now that I am a mom, so many more questions arise with this overwhelming occupation. The how’s and why’s are daily and hourly questions I ask myself. For example: how do I manage an intensely spirited child, why is teething so painful, when will I ever get some sleep, what do I cook again or can I find time for me today? Where do I get answers… google or grandma? What did my mom ever do without pinterest, anyway? Our mothers and grandmothers were simply creative geniuses.

Moms are amazing! Where would this world be without them? (A lot less populated that’s for sure :). Which brings us to the question, why do moms matter in the big scheme of things? It has been said, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” Don’t you forget it mama….you are raising rulers of the next generation. So don’t let anyone tell you your job isn’t important, especially yourself! Now that I think about it, you have the most important job on earth! I agree and yet sometimes I still feel insignificant, isolated and incapable. No time to be depressed about it though, we’ve got little lives in our hands. Maybe one good way to get out of these brain-fogged downers is to find our why and then do something about it….Time to rekindle your passion for parenting….

When I’m questioning my motherhood in a “Who wants to be the mom?” moment, I just have to channel that little girl inside that said, “YES, I WANT TO BE THE MOM!” This is what I’ve always wanted. I’m living my dream, even if that dream is harder than I imagined. Even if I’m covered in slobber and spaghetti sauce, I’ll just say to myself, “I’m living the dream….”

  • Did you always want to be a mom or not?
  • What gets you through the moments when you question your motherhood?

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